Mass shooting in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is my home. My husband and I moved here in 2011. It’s a small province, and we live in a rural, sparsely populated region. It’s peaceful, beautiful, a wonderful place to live.

Our little town was well away from yesterday’s horrific mass shooting, but I know we have driven past many of the impacted communities on our little sojourns throughout Nova Scotia. It’s hard to wrap my mind around what has happened only about a four-hour drive away. My heart aches for those whose lives were stolen, and those left behind, whose lives will never be the same.

What’s even more awful is that this sets a new record for Canada … and it’s one no one wanted. This is Canada’s worst mass shooting, the first to surpass the École Polytechnique massacre in 1989.

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A horrible disaster.

Our thoughts are with the families and the partners left behind. Words escape us in the face of this.

May the victims rest in peace.


So sorry to hear this. My wife and I love Canada, and we never expected this to happen. Be strong and safe.


Having lived there as a little boy and with cousins over there still I feel a kinship with Canada and the news was heartbreaking in its barbarism and cruelty, two things not generally associated with Canada. I echo the above, stay safe and stay kind.


So sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately, south of the border we have hear about stories like this all the time. However, it is never not tragic and anger-inducing. Suffice to say, Canada is our sibling to the north and anytime she hurts, so do we. We’re with you.