"Maybe no one will notice..."


Maybe no one will notice that Burt Saxby is killed while trying to execute Willard Whyte on Blofeld’s orders, even though the “Burt Saxby” who got those orders was James Bond disguising his voice, and Saxby couldn’t have known about the conversation.


Maybe no one will notice the fact that when Bond takes delivery of his new Aston Martin DBS at the Hotel Spendide in Casino Royale, in one shot he’s sitting in the car with the door wide open, the next shot it is closed and the shot after that it’s still wide open…oops!


Maybe no one will notice that Alison Doody was actually younger than Lynn-Holly Johnson in their respective films. Johnson was 20 during filming, while Doody was 18.


Maybe no one will notice that Sir Roger obviously has second sight in TMWTGG as he wears the exact shirt , tie , trouser and shoe combo as the dummy in Scaramanga’s lair …lucky or what.


Why would they get him to re-do the line to change MI6 to MI7?


I believe back in the day people were hesitant to use the official designation and code name SIS/MI6 because, strictly speaking, they were considered state secrets protected by the Official Secrets Act. Fleming himself just called it Secret Service until Thunderball, when he first used SIS. Other authors of the classics used fantasy departments like Deighton‘s WOOC[P] or le Carré‘s Circus. I suspect for authors who actually had been working in intelligence there was more at stake since they had to sign the Official Secrets Act. Supposedly it was Greene‘s Our Man In Havana that put up a first big stink for revealing a lot of the actual work of the SIS. With the spy craze of the 60s it became ever more pointless to keep MI6 or SIS under wraps.

Mind you, this is my theory.


This. And also, I always thought that it was a (rather hammy) nod at 00-7. Who, of course, works for Mi-7…


Although of course one of the radio clerks says something like “Get me the MI6 radio security line,” which tends to compound the confusion. Speaking of which . . .

Maybe nobody will notice that by the time of Spectre, M’s duties had apparently been confined to running the Double 0 program, rather than the whole SIS . . .


Excellent explanation Dustin… I think I did hear or read a similar theory as to the name change.

MajorB…You’re right…I never thought of that. :smile: It would make sense since at the time a merger with MI5 was going on and logically M’s power and authority grew that much smaller.

Anyways, Maybe no one will notice the band playing during Domino and Bond’s dinner and dance in Thunderball, does not even come close to matching up with we hear in John Barry’s score…We hear a gorgeous string selection in the music but there is not one string player to be found in the band on screen.


Maybe no one will notice that the Rog doesn’t appear to put pants or anything else on before getting into the yellow ski-suit at the beginning of TSWLM :flushed::snowflake::eggplant::snowman_with_snow::baguette_bread:


I noticed that right from the sneak preview. Perhaps he already had his BVDs on? Either that or his was one well-insulated ski suit.

Maybe no one will notice that nothing like three weeks could have passed between that day and when Bond admitted he’d killed Serge. What was Stromberg waiting for?


If he did that would make the little romantic scene before it highly disappointing.

All I know is that now for some reason every time I see the parachute bit I start coughing.


Maybe no one will notice that the elevator DC rides up at the beginning of Spectre is the same one Dalton and Lowell rode in LTK…


I didn’t notice. I actually like the scene more now for that tidbit!


Maybe no one will notice that Bond continually just shoots at the body armor, despite Whittaker’s entire body being exposed…


That ALWAYS bugged me to no end!


If only Skyrim had come out in 1987. Then Bond would’ve known what to do…


Body armour covers the body… ?
Bond shoots at Whittaker’s torso and his face.


If we’re getting super technical, but the latest body armor (as Whittaker calls it) was blocking his upper torso and face. The entire lower half of his body was exposed. Bond could’ve just shot him in the leg or knee and then delivered a headshot when Whittaker lost his balance. Alas, he does not do this and just wastes his bullets shooting at the armor.


Maybe no one will notice that The World Is Not Enough is more or less yet another retelling of Goldfinger.


How do we know? It’s not visible under his clothes so could well have been on his legs too. One of Bond’s shots hits his shoulder, so it seems his arms are covered.