"Maybe no one will notice..."


Such observations are scattered throughout the forums, but here is a place to bring them all together, hopefully with a bit of Jim-styled tongue-in-cheek included.
We’ll get to the dodgy CGI parasurfing bit in DAD eventually. In the meantime, let’s start at the beginning, and list all those “what were they thinking?” moments in chronological order - starting (presumably) with:

“Maybe no one will notice… that there is pane of glass between Sean and that tarantula, even though he has his bicep pressed up against it like a chunk of wrapped ham.”



Maybe no one will notice that the gun Bond uses on Dent is clearly not the one given to him by M…


Maybe no-one will notice Goldfingers personal plane and Air Force One have strings holding them when “flying”


Maybe no one will notice that as Bond screws the silencer on the gun before killing Dent he’s no longer wearing a tie…


Maybe no one will notice that Bond shoots Dent without trying to get any information out of him.


Maybe no one will notice that most of the attempts on Bond’s life are meant to look accidental, so trying to shoot him down in front of his hotel was not good thinking.


Let’s keep it chronological - we haven’t even gotten to the dodgy back projection in the hearse chase yet…


Mmmm, sorry for rushing ahead then…



Apparently both the DB5 and Mustang are speeding along in reverse when the tire slashers are deployed.

Apparently Bond’s PPK has a cloaking device that allows it to appear as a Walther P5 in Octopussy as Bond states he has “mislaid it” but also as a Browning 1910 when a silencer is fitted in Doctor No and a Beretta 70s when drawn approaching the tombs in The Spy Who Loved Me yet is clearly a PPK during the rooftop fight earlier in the day. Clearly, the gun has magical powers which is why it has remained 007’s trademark pistol.



Maybe no one will notice… but CR54 antedates Dr No. IMDB lists several errors in case anyone cares.


I never noticed…


Maybe no one will notice that Dr. No’s man on the boat in Jamaica has a “bullhorn voice” even after he lowers his bullhorn.


Maybe no one will notice that inserting uranium rods into a reactor is what cools it down and prevents it from going into critical overload, and that a guy in a sealed radiation suit would float, not sink.


His loses his PPK and gets a P5, no?
Edit: no, sorry- just checked and you’re right- he has a P5 in the Tuk Tuk chase.


If you will forgive me breaking the chronological rule so I don’t forget one of my favorites…

Maybe no one will notice in QoS when Bond is sitting on the motor bike at Greene’s dock that when he passes the guard the Universal Exports card the guy behind him is sweeping the dock… even though the broom is about 2 feet off the ground.


I’ve given up expecting a strictly chronological order; too much temptation to jump the queue and get to the good ones - including my own:
FRWL: Maybe no one will notice that bloke behind the rock when Bond runs from the Spectre helicopter and jumps behind the rock, then comes out and…oh look, it’s Bond, only now we can see his face and it’s Connery, not a stuntman.


Well this looks fun!:
(If we’re dispensing with going in chronological order)

Maybe no one will notice that the shot of the missile being launched against Icarus in Die Another Day, was the exact same shot of the missile being launched against the terrorist supermarket in the pre-title sequence of Tomorrow Never Dies.


…or that the missiles launched from the Potemkin and HMS Ranger (Strombergs 1 & 2) are also the same shot, just reversed.


Ooh, I didn’t notice that, AMC…:slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe no one will notice that when Franz Sanchez is screaming at Truman-Lodge at the end of Licence to Kill, the line “I SAID GO HELP HELLER!!” is a blatantly obvious re-dub.


Here is something that’s not an error but an Easter egg…

Maybe no one will notice but in Skyfall, the Asian man standing with the younger M in the photo from Hong Kong (she looks at it on her laptop) is the man Patrice shoots while looking at the painting in Shanghai.