MI6 Confidential published a Moonraker magazine

Not a real book, but a magazine:

I just saw on the MI6 Confidential site that they have published a magazine entirely dedicated to Moonraker:

“Moonraker - science fiction or science fact”

I immediately ordered one, but most likely also a tip for other Moonraker enthusiasts here.


It’s most certainly something nice to have.


I just find out that it is not a regular issue, because it has no less than 100 pages.

I got it today!
Wow! It’s a very clossy magazine, but not with the usual photographs, but a lot of behind the scenes photos, which I don’t have many of this favorite Bondmovie of mine.
The first thing I noticed is that the magazine is not in the usual used A4 (?) format, but more like the Taschen book.
There are many photo’s, but also a couple of sketches and story boards.

Highly recommended for those who want to know more about the making of this iconic Bondfilm.