‘Moonraker’ on BBC Radio 4

The new radio adaptation of ‘Moonraker‘ will air on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday, 31 March, 2018.


I look forward to hearing this. This series has been terrific and Toby Stephens does a great job as Bond. His radio drama series as Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlow is also worth a listen.

I can’t wait to hear this! I love the radio 4 James bond plays

This was very good. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

A very poignant parting of Bond and Brand at the end, very well captured. Congrats to all.


It is being repeated again this Saturday on bbc radio 4 at 14.45 GMT.

As Thunderball was repeated at this time last week, it makes me wonder and hope, are the bbc are doing a repeat run??