My favourite Eon Bond film World Cup - Brosnans

  • GoldenEye
  • Tomorrow Never Dies
  • The World is not Enough
  • Die Another Day

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Bending the decades to build a viable group - top two go forward to slug it out with others, in a couple of weeks.

I chose GoldenEye, for me that is the only Brosnan Bond movie I think is realy good.

I hope I don’t get banned for backing DAD. It came out at a time when my life was changing for the better, and the film’s release and all the hoopla around it was part of that improvement. If I were less sentimental I would have gone with TND.

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For consistent enjoyment, I’d probably say Tomorrow Never Dies, but just on the strength of Xenia Onatopp’s thighs, Goldeneye got my vote. TND never quite hit that unique and classic Bond moment point that Goldeneye did, despite it having excessive periods of downtime. A less vanilla henchperson would have pepped the film up no end.

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Brilliant idea

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It always comes down to a battle between Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies, which make for a very respectable one, two punch. GE is the icon and gets all the praise for saving the series (which it does deserve), but I think TND is the better film overall.


The easiest choice for me in GE… The only Bond movie I’ve seen in which the whole audience cheered and applauded; when bond pulled the crashing plane out of the nose dive and we hit the title sequence.

From beginning to end that movie answered every question about Bond relevance and ability to still enthral with a Hell Yes!

But let’s not mention the dodgy closing credits song. You have to wonder what blackmail material Serra had to get that through.

TND has one of the best ever PTS! It has Dr Kaufman, it has the muted piano sound booth brawl. It has the inventive BMW chase…

But it also has the awful mills & boon Hatcher seduction scene. It has what felt to me like a rushed, by the numbers finale. and sadly Price’s limp villain. I don’t blame Price - he’s a really good actor who had little to no time to prep due to last minute casting.

Ah, if only crapfest MI:2 hadn’t made Antony Hopkins (originally cast as Carver) do reshoots, then we’d no doubt have a very top tier villain in TND.

We missed out on Hannibal lector playing Robert Maxwell in Bond… it’s a cruel world.


And yet, I absolutely love Price’s Carver. He’s so over the top and Price is just having so much fun playing him. Also, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you guys which one I voted for…

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I’m a fan of his performance, too. The stealth boat shootout is one of my biggest guilty pleasures. Bond going all out with machine guns and the missile launcher installation. The bloodied and wounded Bond using the chain to swing across the water as the ship burns is also a great visual.

Goldeneye: muscular and confident. I don’t know if it’s just Serra’s score, but this just has such an edge compared to every other post-Cubby movie. Great cast from top to bottom, and Peak Pierce, if only because it’s the only movie where he doesn’t seem visibly depressed.

Tomorrow: about the least you’d expect from a Bond film. If they churned out one of these every two hears I’d be… grimly satisifed? That said, the film is basically DOA for me as soon as Bond hits the water after the HALO jump. Another good cast.

World: the only Bond movie that couldn’t be fixed by tweaks - the bones of this are absolutely beyond repair, and it needs a ground-up rewrite. Baffling, dull, grey.

DAD: obviously awful, to the extent you wonder how any footage got approved for release, but strangely likeable, like a dog that got brain damage after getting hit with a car.

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Me too! Such an uninspired and imo overrated finale (at least around here)

Ouch! The truth hurts! Even the QoS script feels more polished than this.