My pipe dream pitch for the return of Bond games!


I like the Sucker Punch idea. I always thought Naughty Dog would do a great job, especially something in the vain of Uncharted 4 with the semi-ish open worldv very story driven, high production values. For a time, I had a suspicion that Rocksteady’s mystery project was a Bond game (which would be amazing), but alas it isn’t. My dream game would be an Uncharted-like adventure complete with top-notch visuals, mo-cap, driving, and a good mix of stealth and gun play.


Though id bring this thread back up as it occured to me - new book out tomorrow, we had a new radio play a few weeks ago, a good stream of graphic novels/comics from Dynamite and a confirmed Bond 25 from Danny Boyle. What we dont have, what we have not even a whisper of, is the return of James Bond video games. Been 6 years since we had a proper game. Longer since we had a good one. Who would people like to see approaching a Bond game and what sort of style?


The one rumor that wont go away is telltale doing a Bond game, which means we’d get a great story, but super glitchy. That said, I’d take that as it would be something…


I’ve given up hope of another game. Games like Hitman satisfy my spy fix these days. Hopefully a new Splinter Cell game is announced soon for PS4.


Supposedly ubisoft are going to reveal it at e3.


Hitman is awesome, really looking forward to a s2. In regards to Splinter Cell, it was a shame that it petered out as a series, hope the rumours of an E3 reveal are true. Speaking of - Ubisoft, of all the AAA studios, seem like the best fit for Bond,with their open world, yet still very story driven, games often containing all the things you’d want in a Bond game - espionage, gadgets, 3rd person shooter mechanics, luxury vehicular action, mini games like poker, large set pieces and even prominant alcohol drinking as gaming (Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed give a wave)


It’s Batman games were a HUGE step up in that regard, and I’d assume that’s the sort of thing they’d go for with Bond, so I’d be ok with them taking a crack at it.