"Never Have I Ever" - 007 Edition

James himself will start the ball rolling (NB: These are literary references, not cinematic).

Never have I ever:

Had hamburger and beer in New York
Had a hot dog and a coke in Las Vegas
Eaten cold beans in Jamaica
Eaten a live lobster in Japan

Which one is true?
Like the Quote game, whoever answers correctly posts the next challenge (remember to specify whether your character is referring to books or films).


Okay…how about something easier:

Felix sez never have I ever:

Broken an arm
Broken a leg
Lost an arm
Lost a leg

(Again, literary references only)

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That first was Hot Dog and Coke if I‘m not totally wrong.

Now Felix has never broken an arm - one of his own ones at least…

Thank you for coming to my rescue (8 months on…)
So, next challenge is yours.

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Fine. So this is a literary, Fleming-only reference.

James Bond: ‘Never have I ever fired…

‘… a Bofors flak in Sierra Leone.’

‘… a bazooka in Kentucky.’

‘… a Colt 45. in my Bentley.’

Indeed, Bond only fires his Bentley Colt in Anthony Horowitz’s Trigger Mortise.

Another literary gastronomic challenge from 007 himself:

Never have I ever had:

sausage, bread and cheap wine in France
beer & schnapps in Switzerland
ham sandwiches and Bourbon on a train to Florida
stone crab and pink champagne in Miami.

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Never have I ever…
… made a pigeon do a double take

I think is never. The sausage and cheap wine is SO unBond that I don’t think you would’ve made that up.

Also Goldfinger has Bond in Miami, and whisky was involved, but at the airport.

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Quite right, Orion - it was chicken sandwiches and bourbon on the train to Florida.

Let’s keep up the momentum - your go.

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