New book about Goldfinger movie

I just saw this book on

Steffen Appel and Peter Waelty:
The Goldfinger Files: The Making of the Iconic Alpine Sequence in the James Bond Movie “Goldfinger”
released: 13 Aug. 2020

This could be interesting!


While the price seems a bit steep for a very specific book - focus on one particular sequence of one particular film - it could indeed be a gem for fans. The behind-the-scenes genre was much less streamlined back in the day and visitors on set used to learn a big deal more about the atmosphere than they tend to do now. Also, Erich Kocian, one of the contributors, used to be an authority on the classic films and even wrote his own book. This is certainly worth a look, even if it’s ‘just’ about that small part of the series.

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Thanks for your explanation. I have ordered one.

Thanks for raising my attention about this one. Seems to me it could be worthwhile and have quality content. Having a book focused on one specific sequence sets it apart from the other generic Bond movie books we usually receive.