New book: Bond Cars: The Definitive History Hardcover

I saw this book on Amazon:

Bond Cars: The Definitive History Hardcover – 30 oktober 2020

author: Jason Barlow

This is not the same book as “50 Greatest James Bond Cars” by Ben Robinson.
It looks like a coffee table book for a reasonable price with a lot of interesting sfuff, not just a couple of car pictures:

Live and let drive.
Bond Cars: The Definitive History is a lavish celebration of the cars that also became the stars alongside the world’s most famous fictional spy. Featuring exclusive and priceless assets such as the original call sheets, technical drawings and story-boards, accompanied by previously unpublished photography and exclusive interviews, we put you behind the wheel of every car driven by 007 on film.
With insights from the producers and keepers of the Bond flame, Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli as well as Daniel Craig and special effects and action vehicles supervisor and veteran of 15 Bond films, Chris Corbould, this is the story of cinema’s greatest icon, told through the prism of the legendary cars he has driven.

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Interesting find.

I would like to see one day a history of the literary Bond cars, especially of course the ones Fleming mentioned. The Alfa Romeo 8C from Moonraker, the Citrœn from Casino Royale and Maserati from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, such cars. Some books mention this part of Bond’s world but rarely go deeper.

Received this book last week. I will get it for Christmas, or my birthday, so I only looked at it for a minute or so, but it looked absolutely great, with a lot of pictures I’ve never seen before. Every movie with the most important cars and other vehicles are covered in chronological order . I highly recommend this book.

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Got this one as a present this weekend and I found out there’s even a chapter about NTTD with a lot of photo’s of the new Bond movie. Great book!

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