New Book -- The Lost Adventures of James Bond

Check out my new book on James Bond.

The Lost Adventures of James Bond: Timothy Dalton’s Third and Fourth Bond Films, James Bond Jr., and Other Unmade or Forgotten 007 Projects

The James Bond universe is greater than you might think. Even if you have seen all the movies and devoured Ian Fleming’s books, there is much more to discover about 007. There is a fascinating galaxy of Bond adventures that have been “lost” or unmade, out-of-print, or forgotten by even the most dedicated Bond fan.

Through his probing interviews with their creators in THE LOST ADVENTURES OF JAMES BOND, Mark Edlitz uncovers different scenarios for Timothy Dalton’s abandoned third and fourth Bond movies, questions Toby Stephens about playing 007 on the radio, delves into the unproduced Casino Royale play, and exposes the secret history of James Bond Jr, the animated series about 007’s nephew. Edlitz also solves a long-standing Bond mystery, investigates the cheeky commercial which inserts Daniel Craig into a Roger Moore-style escapade, and reveals the story behind Sean Connery’s lost Bond performance.

These and other projects are revealed in this vastly entertaining and enlightening book. Using never-before-seen photographs, Edlitz uncovers a wealth of unexplored lore. THE LOST ADVENTURES OF JAMES BOND is a must for any Bond fan.

“Connoisseurs of the 007 movies will covet “The Lost Adventures of James Bond” by Mark Edlitz, a substantial, illustrated volume”
— Washington Post

— Yahoo Movies UK

“Veritable Bond historian Mark Edlitz… uncovers the most interesting bits of James Bond arcana.”
— Forbes

“The Lost Adventures of James Bond is a must-have for any card-carrying 007 enthusiast.”
— Starburst Magazine.

If anyone has any questions about it, I’d be happy to answer them!


Could you please clarify the difference between the two covers. One is listed as have 100 less pages than the other.

Do they contain the same content, with a different layout, or are they different?

Thanks for asking. They are the same content I prefer the layout of the Dalton cover but they are essentially the same book.