New Corgi DB5 from NTTD

I didn’t notice this before, but the new Aston Martin DB5 from Corgi is not just the regular version, but has machine guns in the headlights and is badly damaged on the side, just like in the movie. Wow! That looks great!

There’s also the motorcycle. This is bad for my wallet. :frowning_face:


They have the Aston Martin V8 too

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Is that not the same one as the Corgi 04801 of The Living Daylights from the Definitive Collection from 20 years ago?

Not sure tbh. I just noticed it here (still in stock at Amazon UK)

It’s for sure much more expensive than twenty years ago! :wink:

Don’t like price for either one them. Also they are not those $9.99-19.99 price type. That one would find at Target, Walgreen, Walmart and Go Toys and Games.

I’d like to see Hot Wheels release a 1:18 version of Dalton’s Aston, along with some of the other vehicles. I feel that scale properly celebrates them. I have their DB5 version and it’s fantastic.

I am still hesitating to buy the Hot Wheels 1:18 version, because I already bought the two AutoArt versions from GF (with and without extra’s) and the two Ertl Joyride versions (GF and CR), ofcourse they all look (almost) the same.
I bought the Hot Wheels 1:18 Aston Martin from SPECTRE and that one is awsome, so maybe I also have to have the DB5.