New Dynamite Hardcovers



First up being Casino Royale. Anybody else planning to grab this next month?

I’ve really enjoyed all the Bond/Dynamite collections over the last year, so I was sold on it. It seems they plan to give the same treatment to a couple of Fleming’s first Bond entries following, as well!


I haven’t been following the recent wave of comics, but I’m planning on getting this. Looks splendid.


Looking forward to this comic the previous 007 outings with Dynamite were so-so in my humble opinion.


Did the release date for this get pushed back yet again? Amazon now shows a date of November 21…


I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s true. Oh well…it’s still not that far away I guess.


That’s what I keep telling myself lol. And then I looked at the page and it shows that I initially ordered this in August of last year… Hopefully it’s worth the wait.


Oh no! I knew it did got pushed back to early November, last I knew…

Now late?! :disappointed:


It looks like it got pushed back another week to November 28. Though the digital version still will be released on November 8…


My copy got a release of 13th December??


Issue 4 of Kill Chain has just been dispatched to, got me wondering when this CR was out - Amazon is now estimating December 26th on my pre-order! What is up with this graphic novel?!?!?!?


With their modern day set Bond comics, Dynamite is doing a wonderful job, and without any delays. However, with this graphic novel, as well as the announced and then subsequently never mentioned again Origin comic, it seems like they are slipping with the Fleming-timeline comics. Perhaps it’s because they have to jump through additional hoops with IFP?


And oddly, the digital date is now pushed back to November 22, 2017. Wonder why the digital date is consistently earlier than the print.


You have got to be kidding me. Delayed again until January 23, 2018. Digital date has been pushed back to December 20, 2017.


It is becoming a cruel joke. I fear for the other novel adaptations they had in mind originally following the release of this one!


For this very reason I’ve forgotten about the book for the time being.


I got the VARGR hardcover for chrissy. It’s the first time I’ve read a Dynamite publication and enjoyed it immensely.

In the bonus section one of the alternate covers caught my attention…

Sterling Archer 007. :smirk:


Glad you enjoyed it, Blofelds_Cat.

It won’t happen, but I’d love them to do stories set between the films. For example, showing the ‘Africa job’ M refers to in the Moonraker PTS. Show us the mission, with him running into Jaws, etc. And it ends with the rejuvenated Jaws sneaking on board the private plane, and then Bond boarding before it takes off. So many opportunities like that…it would be cool. Marvel has entire comic lines doing this stuff for Star Wars.


Well, mates. At this point, I’m not sure what will come along first, some concrete news on the new film, or this damned book!

Anybody have any information on this?

I pray it hasn’t been canned…


It’s coming out this month, guaranteed.


We’re exactly a week out from the release date and they haven’t changed it on Amazon for a while. Looks like we should see it soon.