New Moneypenny Book



On a related note, Clare Mulley’s book about Krystyna Skarbek/Christine Granville also seems very interesting. And it does away with a popular myth routinely repeated in fandom and by writers about Fleming and Bond.

According to Mulley’s Skarbek biography, she most likely wasn’t represented by Fleming in anything but the most superficial fashion, more based on hearsay than any actual familiarity with the agent. Apparently Fleming never even claimed to have met her.

So the oft repeated claim of Skarbek/Granville being a template for Vesper Lynd is most likely based on nothing more than wishful thinking and the fact both women share a broadly similar relationship to the Secret Service after a fashion.

“If Christine was immortalized as the carelessly beautiful double agent Vesper Lynd, Fleming is more likely to have been inspired by the stories he heard than the woman in person… [H]e never claimed to have met her, even in passing."