News on BOND 25


Does she have binders of women?


Actors is used as the collective for both. No idea why, just is.


If Helena Bonham Carter is really going to be the villain, could she possibly be Irma Bunt or even Nena Blofeld?


I would also like to see Winona Ryder be the villain. She isn’t as overexposed like HBC. She also doesn’t overact like her either.


Irma Bunt would be an intriguing choice.


I’d really prefer her to be a new character entirely and the plot to have no connection to SPECTRE.


I agree with you on the overall, but we know how poor EON is with keeping secrets.


She won’t be Nena. I get the impression Eon and Gardner disliked the idea that the other was doing Bond. Often happens.


I don’t forsee anything from any of the non-Colonel Sun continuation novels making it into any future films.


I think it all depends on legal rights and who’s in charge on both sides to see if any books and their ideas get turned into movies. Post Daniel Craig is going to be interesting for sure.


I got it. :laughing:


By the way: here’s an interesting interview with Danny Boyle - and if you skip to minute 28 he will explain why he would not want to do a Bond film:

Having seen all these clips from his career and remembering the films again, I have no doubt that Boyle can pull off a very dynamic and tense Bond film. However, I wonder whether the kind of editing he favors will remind people of everything they hated about QOS.


I wondered that too, but he also has a love for framing to amplify the grandiose nature of a shot, this is most blatant in his two films with Alex Garland, 28 days opening and the escape from the first ship in Sunshine spring to mind.

Though I’m not looking forward to people claiming he’s aping Paul Greengrass. 28 Days Later was in 02, Bourne Supremacy in 04.


Good to point that out - and I would argue that Boyle´s style is indeed different. Just like Forster´s style was different from Greengrass´s.

In any event, Boyle´s Bond will probably not have that classic filmmaking look of calm and steady framing I would really like to see return.


Don’t know if any of this is true or not, but if it is, does anyone else think it stemmed from the notion of having to scupper plans to (stunt) cast Rachel Weisz due to her pregnancy?


I believe that was always a dumb rumor.


Intriguing snippet from a story about London’s iconic Centrepoint building in today’s Guardian:

Discussions are also believed to be under way with the director and producers of the 25th James Bond film about including the building in the film, which will be released next year. Suggested scenarios are understood to include having Bond land on the roof via parachute or helicopter.


Another one that I hope isn’t true. We don’t need another London setpiece.


I don’t need another London set piece either - but Bond and Great Britain maybe do.

I could imagine that BOND 25 will deal with the dangers of the new nationalism, and to ignore Bond´s Britishness would be a missed opportunity then. Showing it off with incorporating an iconic building in London seems the way to go.

Apart from that, it could just be an intro to another scene, maybe not even featuring Bond but the main villain.


I wonder if EON would go there or not. Given their long-standing policy of not dragging the Soviet government into the role of major villains during the Cold War films, I wonder if they’d go in that kind of direction that easily could be seen as them making a political statement.