News on BOND 25


It’s a reference to a poem, A Shropshire Lad by A.E. Housman, that is referencing deserters, specifically “But since the man that runs away / lives to die another day”

It’s one of the few things left from when it was a Moonraker adaptation.

It’s still a crap title, just slightly helped by its origins.


Not just in Germany. In Poland everybody knows Winnetou series (well, at least people 35-40+). I guess same thing goes with other Eastern-block countries.


Thanks for the education - getting out of bed wasn’t a waste of time after all!

DAD was originally a Moonraker adaptation!?! Well, today’s turning out to be a real eyeopener - thanks again! What a shame they didn’t stay remotely faithful to Fleming.

The silver lining is that Moonraker is still there to be adapted correctly (as are many of the novels).


War criminal in hiding that Bond meets at a club called Blades is about all that survives from that.


Not even a whisker of the werewolves.

I wonder if MR’s Dover cliffs somehow inspired the abominable surfing down the sheer ice wall and tsunami.


Bond fan for 15 years and still learning new stuff, thanks for that info.


Surprised Craig is jumping ship from Purity - there’d been a bunch of interviews saying Showtime were going to do Purity once Craig was finished with Bond 25 and that they were being kept in the loop with 007.


I’d read showtime had put Purity on indefinite hiatus but didn’t know Craig had quit!

I imagine it must be daddy responsibities; he got a pass from the misses for Bond, but then he needs to do some nappies and night shifts.


After reading the Frantzen feature in the NYT I got the feeling that “Purity” was going through some development problems and that Showtime had lost confidence. With Craig deciding to do BOND 25, Rudin will have to convince Showtime to stick to this project by getting another high profile actor to attach himself to this.

Otherwise, it´s just one more prestige project that ends up not being made.


I could see viggo mortensen filling in well for Craig.


The Miranda Frost character was originally named Gala Brand in an earlier draft.


I doubt this is for Bond’s benefit, but Syfy does speculate briefly it could be.

Then again, given the Felix return speculation, it could be.


Good find!

Must admit i suspected click bait, but there’s this to corroborate the story…

Could well be just a perk for Craig, dressed up as research.

Or of course it could point to a US oriented story. Could it be that Boyle’s idea plays on the enigma of Trump? Or is US internal espionage a little too House Of Cards for Bond?

Bond doesn’t really do subtle when it comes to villains, so Trump might be off limits since any grandiose POTUS villain would either be too close to the truth or pale by comparison.

At least it suggests a return of Jef Wright in hopefully a less peripheral capacity. I wonder how that would work with his starring role in Westworld?


Westworld’s ensemble nature and long pre-production could mean it would be less of an issue than other TV dramas might be.


Excellent find, Orion.

Could this be it? A more ‘cloak’ and less dagger Bond film, subtle, more real world, involving the CIA and spy agencies more than before? Rumours of Felix’s return would make sense then.


I was wondering when that CIA article would get posted here! Would have loved to have been on that tour.


To make the special relationship a theme for BOND 25 would be very interesting - a conspiracy turning both countries with their agencies against each other? Bond against his friend Leiter?


Oh this would be juicy. Bond and Leiter against each other, Bond maybe having to make a difficult decision- whether to kill him or not. Shades of the end of Spectre I know, but Bond and Felix being old chums should add more gravitas.

Im enjoying this speculation. Dying for more news to come in.


One of stand alone Bond comics touched on this.


I’m sure that if they had MI6 vs CIA, then the way into the story would be Bond pitted against Felix, but instead choosing to work with him rather than against to expose the true agenda (as i’m positive there is no way they’ll have Bond kill Felix (or visa-versa).

This of course would mean not only Bond going rogue, but Felix too. We’ll get twice the dose of what we’re fed up with.