News on BOND 25


The Stone/Johnson rumor seems to point towards the other rumor: Bond being accompanied by a female rookie agent.

That never sounded intriguing to me. But let’s wait and see.


“This is the blonde bimbo characiture of a Bond girl that, it turns out, we hadn’t really done that much. We’ll also be setting it all in Vancouver, because it turns out we’d never used that as a location and the internet complained when we used Italy as a country again”


I’m actually intrigued by southern Italy, as, despite Italy (which is a whole country btw) being used in 3 of Craig’s Bond films, you’d never accuse them of looking alike…image




I can’t find an exact quote but I’d have gone with the story from A View To A Kill where Moore realised he was the same age as Tanya Roberts’s mother.


Another location rumour:


Daniel will be a presenter at the Oscars.


Clickbait, nothing more.


Hey, Daniel - focus on the more important task ahead! :wink:


You mean how he’s going to spend all the money Eon have paid him?


That, too.

Anyhow, he’s probably there to support his wife for “The Favorite”. But I certainly hope, all the private jet hopping across the world will not impede his ability to be in top form for March onwards.


I’d hope so - it was an incredible performance in an equally incredible film.


For what it’s worth, the “S” in SFNCC stands for “Stavros.” :wink:


Stirring the pot as production approaches is nothing new. It’s like roulette. Put a chip down on every third number and if one of them comes up, claiming you knew it would. I’m curious for any news on the first days table read though.

In my time, I’ve been part of a few. They can be fun, but on major productions, they usually go only halfway. More of interest is who was present.


So, as you can see Rami Malek was at the Oscar Nominees Luncheon today and not at any Bond 25 rehearsals or table readings. Might not mean a thing, but then again…


An April start date or a miscommunication? The start date has been announced as March 4th. Did they need an extra month for pre-production? Or to accommodate actor availability?


Another delay? After Brexit then? Well…


Predicting what’s going to happen with Brexit is a fools errand as I’m sure EON knows.

I imagine it’s a mis-communication and that he actually was talking when location filming starts, which is obviously a much different beast for a cinematographer than studio based work.

Edit: the announcement by Italy has the phrase

Shooting will begin on Saturday, April 6, 2019

Referring specifically to when they start filming in Italy, which I suspect is the source of the confusion. If you just skim the article before you write your click-bait version, you could think they meant shooting the whole film.


I don’t think he read that article, I’m thinking Sangren was actually talking about when he starts location filming, which IS, in April, and also more likely to be a pressing issue for the cinematographer when he has more things outside of his control to contend with.


I hope not…


Agreed, still possible, but unlikely. These are the people who started filming Casino Royale without a Vesper or a Le Chiffre cast, I think there’d need to be a serious problem for any more delays - like your studio forgetting they’re bankrupt or their director leaving just before they where supposed to start filming :wink:

Those alcohol endorsements must’ve been gratefully received during pre-production of this movie…