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Positively shocking


Unless it says “It’s hot” :grin:. Anyway, “Shatterhand” sounds great but it was a bad idea for a title in a first place. Why pick up one that immediately spoils the plot (like, say, “SPECTRE”, though it was never meant to be a surprise obviously)?


I’ve long felt Shatterhand would be a good title, but maybe this wasn’t the right time. The reports all said it was a working title after all. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer for the real one.



We probably shouldn’t let today go by without somebody pointing out that shooting was supposed to start today… :sleepy:


Just a reminder to cheer everyone up: Principal photography on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND lasted from 1970-1976, and the film was finally completed and released in 2018. It was the best film of 2018, and is one of the two or three best movies of the last three decades. Greatness takes time (friendly amendment from Orion: or sometimes it doesn’t).


Perhaps Greg Beam is coming back as well.


Not necessarily. They’ve cannibalized aspects of various novels throughout their tenure. The option to make Dr. Guntram Shatterhand into a new, stand-alone character is available should they choose to exercise it.

FWIW, I think it’s a good title and a great main villain name, but since we’ve already had two back-to-back one-word titles, I’d rather they wait on it for now.


I don’t think, although I can really only speak for myself, that anyone who is arguing for them to go more in depth with these types of serious topics is really calling for Bond to go in and solve a huge global problem like human trafficking. I do think, however, that they can go a bit further with what they do with these types of issues without having to go all the way to that extreme. To use Taken again as an example, they wade much further into the topic than Bond has probably ever dreamed of doing. Yes, it’s a Liam Neeson revenge film (although, I’m not sure that’s a fair pigeonhole for the film considering this film started that genre rather than followed on from it), and that’s what the audience is there for, but it never delves so deeply into the seediness of the issues surrounding the story to get you off that point and worrying about the social statement potentially being made by the film. You still have the fantastical element of Neeson somehow being able to work his way through the entire trafficking ring in a span of 2-3 days. The issue, though, does get some spotlight and also serves to inform the hero of the film by making his plight even more just in the eyes of the viewer without pulling the audience out of a more fantastical or, if you’d like, escapist mode.


That logo looks familiar. :wink:


Well, if not a diversionary tactic (because, well, Eon just isn’t very good at those) then fine. Great title of course, but always struck me as a bit generic in this day and age of big budget action endeavors. As long as they steer away from using “Die” or “Kill” and rare words like “Quantum” or “Solace”, we’ll be fine. Oh, and DEFINITELY don’t use the word “Revoked” because American audiences are too stupid to understand what it means.


I’m not even sure Shatterhand was a working title - probably rather a fellow fan whose wishful thinking got picked up by the media. And plenty of outlets never mentioned the ‘working’ part either, they just ran with Shatterhand as official title.

Anyway, BOND 25 is still BOND 25; one more reveal fans can await eagerly.


Yes, you’re right. Whether that’s a good idea is another issue. If they now use Dr. Shatterhand as a stand-alone character, we’ll never see a proper You Only Live Twice adaptation. Alas.

Anyway, like @Dustin, I, too, believe that Shatterhand was never a working title. As far as I remember that rumour started in a Daily Mail article on August 2017. I remember thinking back then that whoever wrote this article (it wasn’t Baz) must’ve been reading our forum because the title popped up here as an idea, nothing more.


It’s possible the rumour was authentic. But having leaked it (accidentally/on purpose) they didn’t like the MSM response, so are claiming it was never considered.

It’s a pretty sneaky way of engaging a very large focus group to test a product. Fitting for a spy franchise.


I do, too. Schemes change, but the Bond world generally stays the same. LTK, for example, features the real world problem of drug smuggling. The Sentinel smuggling cocaine substitutes Largo’s underwater transportation of the nuclear bomb in Thunderball. Sanchez’s lair is a drug lab, but it still features a secret helicopter entrance folding up from the ground.


Which will be 10 years after it’s predecessor.

Point is, things could be SO much worse.


It would be. But in this case it was probably someone from Production Weekly looking at the fansites and picking up that title.


The Production Weekly thing always bothered me - they had been using the title Shatterhand in their listings since last June, and then a month ago somebody posts about it on another message board as if it’s a new development, MSM picks up on it not realizing the info is 8 months old, and off we go…


Agreed on all accounts. It can’t be a Bond films task to give detailed information about difficult real world issues. Touch them, yes, but only to serve as a McGuffin. There are enough movies out there to handle these things with the necessaray seriousness that does them justice. Unfortunately, most of the time these are movies that go more or less unnoticed, unless they get an Oscar or Golden Globe nomination.