News on BOND 25


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Or can be found in a week. There is no perfect recipe for a great film, so I go with advice my dad once gave me, the exact time it’ll take is the exact time you have left, whether that be overnight or 3 years.


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Is, and, no.


David Harbour is awesome.


True. Fassbinder made seven films in a year, most of them great. Now, his Bond movie I would have loved to see (WORD ON A WIRE probably comes closest to a thriller and pre-dates the Matrix movies by decades). I have amemded my previous post.


As for Bond dying at the end of SPECTRE, Mr. KiddWint, Orion, and wrong-pussy (!) …

The idea came from a review in EW by Darren Franich in which he posits that the ending is Bond’s dying fever dream as he lays in the torture chair:

“But I come not to bury Spectre , but to weirdly praise it.”

I also wrote something on the old site under my Professor Pi avator about how this makes everything from Dr. No to Die Another Day, even NSNA and CR67, dream fantasies in Craig Bond’s head (someone on Reddit said the same thing.) It explains all the inconsistencies with the DBV car, M’s casting variability, Bond’s different looks, etc. because it’s all a Matrix style fantasy anyway.

Some even argue Bond died in Skyfall after the PTS, (“Why not stay dead?”)

If true, the challenge is how to follow up on it in Bond 25.


I think we’re looking a little too deeply into this.


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Almost 60 years of films (and over 65 of books) later people trying to have Bond make sense as a series. Fleming would be smug that his self-described airport novels had such an impact.


I think he would be bloody amazed.

He only saw 12 of his 14 books published, and two films released. What has followed is a whole world of impact that would have been far beyond anything he could have imagined.


Interesting that Fox News would consider this newsworthy.


It’s Fox News.

Do I need to say more?


All these reports always quote the Daily Mail, which likes to change its mind on what the story is every few months…


Either way, it remains a stupid idea, whoever came up with it.

I could imagine Craig wishing to bow out like that. And EON considering to grant him that, since they know that the next Bond actor will need tabula rasa to start over from such a popular Bond.

But I could also imagine that Boyle actually came up with that idea - it could be that concept which according to rumors at that time excited Craig and EON so much that they wanted Boyle to have a go at it. And Boyle would definitely take pride in the fact that he did the film in which Bond was killed off.

Maybe both rumors above are true: Boyle came up with the idea - but the way it was written alienated him because EON got cold feet and wanted Bond´s death to be handled much more indirectly.

In any event, I want a Charles Helfenstein book about BOND 25.


Craig’s era, with its firmer beginning and acknowledgement of time passing, does certainly open itself for such a thing but I don’t see why they’d do it. It’s not like Logan where it’s lead is the only person to have ever played the role, or The Dark Knight Trilogy where his happy ending has a narrative level that allows for it - Craig is the sixth actor to play the role in this series alone, and has had 4 very different directors and multiple writers with different narrative styles. The best attitude Bond’s death would get is a shrug, knowing Bond 26 is on its way.

There’s a reason that “James Bond Will Return”


All I know is if Bond dies at the end, and he comes back as Zombie Bond in the next one, I would be completely fine with that.


I’ve always taken the “Bond dies” thing with a pinch of salt. But…I don’t doubt that were discussions about having an ending of ambiguity - like the last line of FRWL, what is it “hitting the blood red floor” or something like that. Sure you could read it as Bond dying, but that would chafe with your own “he can’t possibly be killing him off here?” And then lo and behold, 11 months later, Dr No is on the bookshelf.

It might have been an intriguing way for an era to end. And IMHO, far superior to Bond driving off in an Aston Martin a la SP.

I do agree with SAF - what Boyle wanted was for more “conclusive” than the original discussion. But I don’t doubt now that it was a concept thrown about, otherwise Boyle wouldn’t have gone anywhere near Bond 25 in the first place.


The idea of an ambiguous ending would be interesting. Though I would also favour a post credit scene - or at least an extra scene on the BluRay - of Doctors standing over Bond and discussing the possibility of severe Fugu poisoning.

For those who might not be aware:


To bookend each actor’s ‘tour of duty’ with a death is probably something the audience would adapt to.

But it’s an all or nothing idea, which Eon et al probably wanted to meet in the middle on.

If it was the old ‘conflicting notes from various producers’ dilemma, then Boyle was sensible to quit early(ish).


The official 007 Instagram page just reposted the pic of the “It’s not” Shatterhand autograph. I like that Eon is showing a sense of humor :sunglasses: