News on BOND 25


New interview with Daniel Craig…


Craig’s words are interesting, but take a shot every time the writer makes an error. You’ll be hammered by the end of it,


Most interesting thing here is that shooting started at the beginning of the year, probably second unit but still… Weird schedule or a highly adaptable one out of necessity.


That’s a very strange interview. Lots of mistakes, and Craig’s quotes are very unspecific.


Just out of curiosity, has Craig mentioned his issue about heights before? If this is in fact a new interview, and not a compilation of old quotes, might that be a hint that we might expect some high altitude action?


He mentioned he’s not a big fan of heights while doing press for Casino Royale. I believe he even says in one of the official docs of the parkour chase something to the tune of “ There’s no time to have a fear of heights, you just have to get up there and do it, though I’m not going to be rushing up there again in the new future.”


I remember now. Still holding out in hopes for a mountain climbing scene. Been a long time since FYEO and feel it would be a good fit for Craig.


I think that magazine interview didn’t happen. And judging by the comments on their Twitter page, a lot of other people feel the same way…


I’m suspicious as Hell about this. It reads like a C&P job. Bloody click bait. I’m certain DC hasn’t done one true interview yet. He’s too busy at the gym and prepping. How about we call Eon and find out? Then “casually” mention the source. Bollocks!


I agree. That was my first instinct reading it too.


It is odd that EON would allow Craig to do that interview as a kick-off for the PR surrounding the shooting of BOND 25.

Does not make sense at all.


I don’t believe much of anything these days. I’ll treat this interview with suspicion and wait for official announcements.


No longer available :thinking:


Probably went the way most things do when they go beyond…


Do the words “cease and desist” come to mind?


I did enjoy their interview with Ian Fleming when he told us all of his love of Instagram and vaping.


Did you read that bit where he confessed he made Bond Scottish after the twitter outcry? I always had my suspicions.


Mi6 HQ has a few more details on that interview…


I’m sure Eon prefer fake stories to no stories at all.

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