News on BOND 25


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This little nugget of fun was in Variety today:

“The joint venture with MGM, forged in 2017, has not taken a rosy path. Despite dipping into Annapurna’s deep pockets to roll out the upcoming 25th installment in the James Bond spy series, per the initial agreement Annapurna would not be allowed to flash a title card bearing its logo before the movie’s opening credits. The squabbling got so granular that the MGM communications chief would scream at journalists if they included Annapurna in stories about the film, which is coming in 2020 from director Cary Fukunaga.”

It sounds more and more like there’s been a lot of behind the scenes crap, more so than usual, surrounding this film…


And that’s saying something.


The same source as the huge gaps…I’m getting why he got forced out.


For some reason this made me think of MGM and Bond!


More like this…



Another one to be taken with a pinch of salt (particularly given the source)


I often wonder how people like this end up in senior positions.


That‘s how.


A real tree hugger" haahaha


Re: the electric Aston Martin - we DID see a Tesla on the Norway set…


It would make for an ethereal car chase… Perhaps they would have a birdsong soundtrack.


If only it were the exception rather than the rule.


Ralph Fiennes on The Lorraine Show this morning:

“Well, I know we are shooting this year. And I’m genuinely not being coy. I have not yet got a script and I don’t have a start date. I know that Daniel is playing Bond and I’m looking forward to starting, I think, sometime in May or June.”


I’m still wondering when/if we’ll get a press conference prior to the start of filming.


Would suggest a smaller role for M


Not unlike Spectre’s car chase despite the horsepower involved. Yeah I’d write this one off as a BS rumor. What they should do and what I hope they do is present him with a finished version of the DB10. They need to make him vulnerable in it, though, as the bullets bouncing off the car at the start of the Rome chase immediately reduced the tension in the scene.


What makes you think it’s a BS rumor? Okay, the source posted here is not among the most reliable ones, but the story itself is absolutely credible. Aston has it, they want to promote it and electric cars are the thing at the moment. Everyone’s inner Jeremy Clarkson says “No”, but logic says “Yes”. Five minutes into the future…

Wanting a finished version of the DB10 (who already has bulletproof windows and lots of gadgets), yet making him more vulnerable in it is a bit contradictive in itself, no?


Just throwing some stuff at the wall and waiting to see where it all lands mate. Do I personally think the electric Aston is very pretty and would be cool? Absolutely. But I also think if you set up a prototype supercar that doesn’t operate at its full potential that it’d be cool to see a finished, refined model. And as for vulnerability I don’t know, maybe the roof and part of the windscreen gets torn off but the gadgets still work. As always, just indulging in some fun speculation.


While an electric Aston is very good and admirable - and it might be seen to have some eco-friendly cache - I sincerely doubt the reason is to make 007 more eco friendly, the reason is its AM’s new car they want to promote in a 007 movie - not a bad way to overcome skepticism led by Clarkson style edgelord OMJW agenda