No Time To Die - Official Press Reactions/Reviews Thread

Kicking this off with…


Oof. Now there’s a teaser…

I have two or three vague thoughts about where the film will end up, and sure all of them are controversial or will provoke a lot of debate.

As ever, I doubt it will be an overwhelming response one way or the other.

The Guardian gives it 5/5


Having to very carefully skim through these reviews for now. Man, this is shaping up to be something special!

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Rotten tomatoes currently has the film at 89%, down from 93% a few hours ago. My prediction was somewhere between 85-93%, so with about 36 reviews up so far, it’s about where I expected.

All Craig film RT scores:
Casino Royale: 94%
Quantum of Solace: 64%
Skyfall: 92%
Spectre: 63%
No Time To Die: 89% (as of right now)

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It does appear that the majority of the criticism leveled at the film, so far, is about its run time.

No problem with the run time for me (just don’t buy one of those huge buckets of Coke before).
And as a heavy smoker, I can say: I never felt any urge to go.


Now there is praise!


It’s almost here…and I’m back in the saddle. Can’t wait for next week. :sunglasses:


Welcome back!

RT is currently sitting at 83% based on 104 reviews. A good result, so far. Hopefully it stays around that mark and near the company of Casino Royale and Skyfall.

At odds with the reviews they sampled, RT’s summation has this zinger;

“It isn’t…the most daring”



Yea, that doesn’t make sense. Most of the criticism of the film is leveled at its length. I also wonder if the film’s RT score would have been higher had it never been delayed.

The New York Times has an article on its homepage deditcated to the film:

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A sample from the Guardian’s readers…

And here are the biggest spoilers listed in order of outrageousness…

That’s ridiculous. It’s all well and good saying that there are spoilers, but if you’re somebody like me where my eyes tend to wander around the screen, they’ve just ruined the movie for somebody.

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They certainly mean it when they say they’re discussing the spoilers - some other outlets won’t even warn you and go right to the bone in the headline. Only way to avoid it then would be to completely go off the grid.

Mr Rye doesn’t seem to be particularly fond of it…