NO TIME TO DIE Spoilers (production pictures & videos)

No doubt he will. But seiing how frugal Eon often are i think they’ll use a lookalike, rather than CGI.

At the moment I’m just going along with a brief flashback at face value. Madeleine recounting her old life, while Bond does the same. Retirement should be about leaving a life of violence behind. By all accounts this incident is where it all started for Madeleine.

True. But showing Madeleine thinking about her past is so… unnecessary. Will we also get Bond thinking about the death of his parents, sitting in Skyfall? Or thinking about Vesper drowning?

C´mon, EON. I want a straight forward fun mission, not dark navel-gazing.

Probably not. I think his parents climbing accident would be better.

Such flashbacks could possibly show that even if you stop living a violent life, you can’t escape its aftershocks. Certain events moulded you into who you are. But yes…early days of speculation.

Are you criticising EON for what you speculated they might be doing? :thinking:

Yes, I am. Because I know they are reading this. I’m P&W, remember?

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Ah, of course. How could I forget.

Absolutely! I think it’ll be relevant to the plot, rather than simply to build mood for the sake of mood.

If relentless nightmares motivate Maddy to do something that compromises their security (surely they’re living under new names to avoid retribution from various interested parties), then that’s relevant to plot.

That mentions 2 intruders. Madeline shot one - perhaps she sees the other one in the present day?

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How many times have children played an integral part in a Bond film?

Less, kids running around at the start of Casino Royale and More, the chap who got pushed off the boat in Golden Gun (prior to Unicef interests)

I always liked Lea’s acting in the last scene of Spectre. When she smiles at Bond is she smiling because she’s happy for him? Does she have something cruel in store for him? It’s a very mysterious glance and I credit Mendes again with having the foresight to leave something ambiguous at the end of that film. I’m not against giving Swann a bit more color to her backstory. She needs development anyway so this could be a nice, quick way to give her some.

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Sure makes those Shatterhand rumors seem much more plausible. Also, unless I’m mistaken, I believe this would be the first flashback in the entire franchise. As far as I can remember, the only sequence that could possibly be considered one would be the PTS of Goldeneye? But really it just seems that that film starts in 1986 and jumps ahead 9 years. It isn’t someone remembering an event.

Didn’t Brosnan have flashbacks in DAD, when he decreased his heart rate? Damn, I don’t recall this scene clearly.


Hmm, I’ll have to watch that again. I also don’t recall it very well. I thought it was just him seeing everything around him moving slowly, like an out of body experience.

Only one flashback but depicted more as a haunting thought is in OHMSS with Bond staring out of the window of M’s office awaiting word on Blofeld’s demands and the image of Tracy being pulled from the snow and taken away.

As to this newest bit, it seems like much of the above clearly. As to recurring/returning characters, IIRC, an early draft did mention that Bellucci’s character’s maiden name was Bunt. I’ve always felt that she wasn’t just in SP as a bit of cameo casting and just 6-7 minutes of screen time.


…would potentially explain how Blofeld knew Bond was at the meeting.


Didn’t Bond direct her towards Felix?

Rumours were abound that Jeffrey Wright was returning…

Westworld would be finished filming by the end of the year…

filming of B25 was just reshuffled so that sequences initially planned earlier are now being done at the end of the year…

CJF talked about this film being the continuation of an arc started in Casino Royale…

The above is just observations, though one does wonder…

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Without much doubt it’s the logical conclusion. The flashback has to motivate/be motivated by something in the present.

Very cold water by the looks of it. Brrr!

Be a dramatic irony for Bond if the woman he saved from 2 hitmen kills his wife.

This all makes a great deal of sense.


From your post to EON’s ears.


That would be magnificent!