No Time to Die theme song

The song has potential, maybe I have to get used to it, but I don’t realy like her voice.

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Looking at the Twitter comments when she Tweeted the song - her fans dig it


My 13 year old daughter loves Billie and Bond and thinks the song’s great.


Really liked it. Not as controversial as “Writing’s On The Wall” (which I like), but, at some points, it somewhat promises more than it delivers.
Still, great job!

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Not as bad as I feared, that’s for sure. Won’t run out and buy it, but I can already imagine it playing to the titles sequence.

If I have a complaint, it’s that it’s so close to SF and SP, and I hope that’s not a harbinger: I really, really want NTTD to bring something different as a film. Sure it’s got Blofeld and Madeleine and 12+ years of threads to tie up, but a guy can hope…

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its pretty good, wouldnt say i love it but its a solid Bond song… a couple cringe lyrics but nowhere near as bad as Sam Smith in that regard - all in all, its pretty and the arrangement (one assumes by Mazzaro/Zimmer) is good - nothing crazy but i like it

Interesting to see if the trend continues and Eilish wins an Oscar next year

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I like it :slight_smile: Will have a proper listen when i get home from work.

Was still hoping for a somewhat happy ending for James & Madeleine.:sweat_smile: Guess that shipped has sailed then…

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I definitely like it, a solid little theme that stays true to the atmosphere of the Craig era. Anything more upbeat would have been wrong for the film, as far as one can tell from what we know up to now. The lyrics seem to spell out the major plot point.


I think the final 2 minutes are excellent, it just takes a while to get going.

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Billie EIlish will perform the song at the Brit Awards on Feb 18th with FINNEAS, Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr

It has a weird way of staying in my head even after only one listening.

And it indeed seems to reveal a major plot point. So… spoiler alert?

There seem to be two versions around already, one with ‘how you dare the paradise’ and a second with ‘are you death or paradise?’.

Great orchestration, and it’s sticking in my head far more than I was expecting after only two listens. It will surely get an Oscar nomination for next year - it fits the bill of what they tend to look for (and much better than Sam Smith’s effort, which won!)


im sure it must be ‘are you death or paradise’

have also seen ‘the blood you bleed is just the blood you own’ and ‘the blood you bleed is just the blood you owe’ which to me makes more sense

She has absolutely smashed it! Instant classic and I’d say the writings on the wall for a third straight Oscar! It’s certainly making my Friday commute more palatable. And I love the cheeky twang at the end!

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Owe, yes I’d say that’s what I hear. But I’m also positive I hear ‘how you dare the paradise’. Either that or it’s my tinnitus interfering…

i dont hear a hard T sound, its definitely a TH/F - so its death

But is she singing ‘or’ there? In the second version I hear the line ‘death or paradise’ - in the first I hear ‘dare the paradise’; I really think these are two different versions, no?

I’ve only heard the full song once, but this interpretation makes the most sense.

It’s leaps and bounds ahead of the Sam Smith rubbish we were served up 5 years ago.

Far better than I’d hoped, haunting and heartfelt. For Your Eyes Only-esque.

It’s given me more of an idea of what the tone of the film will be like. Dark, dark stuff…