North by Northwest was actually the first Bond film. And here's why





I’ve been saying that for years. I mentioned over in the old forums: North by Northwest is a Bond movie told from the Bond girl’s perspective, with – no kidding – Cary Grant being the Bond girl :dizzy_face:

Some average Joe (or Jane, in the case of the Bond girls) suddenly finds himself in the middle of a spy story (like, say, Honey Ryder or Christmas Jones or Madeleine Swann) without really understanding what’s going on and becomes the love interest of a secret agent…


Plus, Fleming was inspired to create the character of 007 after seeing GG in Hitchcock’s Notorious


Actually the first Bond film is Fritz Lang’s Spione (1928). I’m being only slightly facetious–lots of spy movie tropes have been circulating longer than we assume. Hitchcock and Fleming (and Lang) were drawing on a rich tradition of spy literature going back to the start of the 20th century. The Bond filmmakers undoubtedly were influenced by NBNW’s structure, but Fleming had already written most of the Bond books, and his hero was a government professional, whereas Hitchcock preferred innocent men drawn into webs of intrigue.