On His Majesty’s Secret Service

Yes, I had read elsewhere that someone was experiencing the same. Henceforth, have been holding the book by the internal pages!

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If Higson admits to his version of Bond being woke, then I’m out. Wokeness is poison. All in all it’s a damn shame. I looked forward to Charlie returning too.

Plus the corination of Charles just seems…rushed. I don’t care for the king much less the royal strumpet. Hooray for national pride and Rulle Britannia and all…but I’m still on team Diana. Camilla I will have no good nor nice or even printable words for.

Yes it’s poison, because it’s not a concept, but a political buzzword, used by intolerant and narrow minded disrupters to stigmatize everything they don’t know or understand because it’s different or “foreign” or they haven’t heard of before.

Consider this a harsh warning from the CBn Team.
And stay away from the blended stuff.


Finally finished and I found it to be an enjoyable Bond adventure as well as a bit of fun to celebrate the coronation (reading this and taking the bank holiday are the only ways I celebrated the coronation). In particular I really liked the villain. Not only was Æthelstan was the perfect antagonist for this story he also taps into a lot of what I would want from a modern day Bond villain. A public figure who comes from a place of privilege but also doesn’t believe a lot of the rhetoric he spouts and is motivated more by greed than anything else. I’m actually impressed with how political this was allowed to get with Æthelstan allying himself with a cabal of the worst right wing politicians and media types.

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In the end, I only noticed a couple of typos, plus the fact that Bond seems to be left handed…

Unless misread, if Bond rolls the sleeve back on his right hand to read a watch, does that automatically infer left handedness?

Might have to re-read.

I’m so glad someone else caught on to that! Typo? Maybe Bond was getting a tan line so he switched over to even his tan :joy:



I’m a bit surprised that IFP hasn’t announced a USA hard or soft cover version for OHissMSS.

At the end of the day… do we really need one? It’s been available for sale on Amazon US since launch. I had mine on release day.

A paperback would be nice, though.


An update since my last post in May about how the cover held up after a single reading… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As I said - I would love a paperback

A metaphor for Charles III’s reign–starts golden, but fades fast?


Sorry your copy got rubbed the wrong way (sorry for the bad pun but I couldn’t help it :slightly_smiling_face:) through no fault of your own, but thanks for the tip. When I got my copy I made sure to touch the book covers as little as possible so it still looks good.

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I must admit I still have not read one single word of it, but…in two weeks time I finally got my summervacation…so plenty of time to read it.



With Charlie Higson showing up at all these Bond events, do you think he might have a new Bond book on the way?




I noticed the message of a surprise or two. I wish I could go. Could it be his next book announcement?




Most surprising that it still seems to be possible to throw new Bond books on the market for less than 10 quid.
Of course, if this had the word “Taschen” somewhere on the cover, it’s be in the three-digit range…


…since each single tome is written by hand by the legendary Taschen-Monks in their secret monastery atop the Cologne Cathedral. See original footage below…


“The new paperback edition features revised text and exclusive bonus content”