Online Script Resources

I’m hoping one of the creative types on here can help me out. I’m looking for scripts online, ideally for free but prepared to pay if necessary. Specifically I’m looking short scripts to be performed by 2 people but no real expectations of genre or subject matter. Radio plays would be ideal but any play will do.
I have done some Googling myself already but haven’t had a huge amount of luck navigating what was out there.

Alternatively if anyone could suggest a play and I’ll figure out how to get hold of it.

And in case anyone is wondering; my girlfriend and I are locked down in different counties. I searched for activities to do over Zoom and play readings was a suggestion. We both have a background in community theatre it seemed the ideal choice.


Good idea! Try this site, if you haven’t already:


Fantastic, lots of options there. Cheers.


Hmm, well I was going to suggest script-o-Rama, but im not sure it exists anymore.