Orlebar Brown James Bond swim shorts

Bit too rich for my blood…


Damn, they are really proud of those swim trunks…

Those are… not what I expected at all. I’m honestly pretty underwhelmed by them.

Let’s face it. They are horrible!

I’ve got the ones from Skyfall and much prefer them: these are great posters but terrible shorts. I guess at least the Thunderball ones fit the them, but as for Little Nellie launching a rocket from my crotch…!!!

Their new 007–themed collection is much better, in my opinion. Pieces inspired by outfits Bond wore, and not just posters on swim trunks.

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Completely agree, even if the price tag is roughly the same :unamused:

I mean though the Goldfinger onesie…

With the male romper making a comeback of sorts in the past few years, it was inevitable. To be fair though, this one looks like the shorts aren’t cut as high as Sean’s were. That’s what I like about this line, they take inspiration from those outfits, but update them to modern fit and sensibilities. Granted, I probably won’t purchase any, since it’s out of my price range, but still nice to see.

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Haha, looks like the Goldfinger romper is already sold out in pre-order!

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I like the AVTK top though

But WOW sold out !?