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A surreal interpretation of a scene from the short story, “A View to a Kill.”



Got it. Subtle but nice. When I think of the story, I always catch a visual of the gloved hand reaching for the Luger clipped to the bike’s tank.


Lovely; many thanks for these.


Once I decided on a chessboard motif, this illustration practically created itself. BTW, it just won 2nd place the the Cerritos College annual student art exhibition.



VERY evocative IMO. The great “game” of the Cold War. Actually love the plotting in the first third of the novel.


Inspired by the abstract sculpture, “Bird in Space,” by Constantin Brancusi.


My favorite of the Fleming novels.


Definitely one of Fleming’s greatest. However, I eagerly look forward to your work for my favorite Fleming novel: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.


The totem of Baron Samedi.LALD


Mod note: decided to sample all your works in a single thread, @Bondedart. It’s simply more convenient and covers your entire range this way.


The From Russia With Love piece is stunning. I’d suggest to your agent putting a word across to Dynamite, they are very nice people who may be able to put a good word in for use on their adaptations of Flemings books.


The FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE one is terrific.

Also like the YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE sparrow. It sometimes seems to be forgotten how fauna and flora featured in the Fleming books.


I took this photo of the Baron’s totem during my group tour of New Orleans last week.

George, I’ve always loved your work and proudly display one of your Fleming portraits (the lifetime IFF reward) in my home, and for many years now. I appreciate all you do and your support of Fleming’s work.


Heard a great paper on Fleming’s black scorpion at an academic conference two years ago. Details are at Artistic Licence Renewed along with lovely Almond drawings:


Thank you for the kind words, everyone! I’m glad you like the new stuff. These all were done to exercise my skill with Adobe Illustrator, a new skill I decided to use to revisit my artistic roots .