Permit Me To Introduce Myself



My name is George Almond, and I am an illustrator / graphic designer. You may remember my work from 007 Magazine or, for the elders among you, Bondage Magazine from back in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Just wanted to say hi and show you all some recent work in which I revisit my roots as an illustrator of Fleming’s Bond. These are new concepts for book covers, illustrating Fleming’s original 13 novels and Kingsley Amis’s "Colonel Sun. I hope you enjoy them.

Concept #8: Goldfinger
Concept #3: Moonraker
Concept #6 From Russia, With Love
Concept #2: Live and Let Die
Concept #5 Dr. No
Concept #10: The Spy Who Loved Me
Concept #7: For Your Eyes Only
Concept #12: You Only Live Twice
Concept #9: Thunderball
Concept: #14: The Man with the Golden Gun
Octopussy concept
Colonel Sun concept
Concept #11: On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Known and appreciated your work going back to the Bedside Companion. Welcome aboard George! Glad to have you here. Cheers!


Very nice.


Welcome to the quarterdeck, Mr. Almond.


I’ve always admired your work sir. Welcome!


Very nice. I love the use of simplistic shapes and colour contrasts you use in this and your other images. It’s a “Yes” from me…


All smashing creations, keep up the good work.


Thanks George, have always admired your stuff.


Truly great artwork, I love the stuff you share here. Wish the publishers would take some inspiration from your style.


My agent tried and got a VERY rude response from them.




Am surprised none of these have drawn comment. For my part, I do like them so congrats from this scriber.

Possibly they could have been popped into just one thread now the full Fleming complement has been completed…

Am looking forward to what else you will do.




Since the book deals, in part, with a villain who has a psychological pistol fetish, I used a surrealist approach to create this concept.

CMWTGGoncept #13: The Man with the Golden Gun






By the time this one was published, the 60’s were upon us, and so I used a “mod” motif as the concept for this dust jacket.SWLM


I try to avoid anything that suggests the movie versions, but I will THadmit to giving a nod to Maurice Binder with this one.


The font is meant to suggest gold ingots and coins. The gilding on the golden girl is meant to suggest plating, more than paint, giving a more constricting, menacing look. One fan, a fellow designer / illustrator thought the style looked dated, but my view is that these are, after all, period novels.GF