Petition for Laz' lamp post

Where to put this…? “Travel” might be the most fitting:

Westminster Lamp Post Southbank

We the undersigned petition the Council to Please repair the lamp post which is on the plinth on the Southbank of the river, at the bottom of the steps of Westminster Bridge. It is situated opposite to (QEII)Tower (BigBen) . This lamp post was made famous in 1969 with Promo Photographs of George Lazenby taken by Terry Neil.

Health and Safety, Light needed on steps. Also it has become a tourist attraction for James Bond 007 fans from all over the World. If it is repaired The actor George Lazenby is willing to unveil/dedicate the refurbished Lamp Post.


Hello all,

           I am pleased to announce that the Lazenby Lamp Post near Westminster Bridge has been fully repaired. Many thanks to all who helped and signed the petition and a huge thank you to Lambeth Council and Transport For London for making this possible. Yours Faithfully Ian Jacklin (UK) Photograph Credit to Rebecca Andrews