Pinder's Assistants

Lloyd Reckord is credited (“uncredited”) as Pinder’s Assistant across a number of online resources (including IMDB), but I can’t find him in the film. Anyone know where he is or why we think he’s in there?

Pinder has another assistant - confirmed to be Bari Jonson - who shows up in brief scenes intercut with Largo’s retrieval of the bombs, including at around 1:44:50 (and pictured below).

Pinder has a different assistant during an earlier scene (around 59:10), but this guy doesn’t look anything like Lloyd Reckord.

Any idea what I’m missing? (And extra credit, if you can help me ID the unknown assistant from the 59:10 scene.)


I agree with you, but I have no idea why Reckord is credited with being in the film or who the white guy at the radio is either. I’ve done a little searching as well but not found anything.

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We know there are some deleted scenes involving Leiter (and I believe Q) and since Pinder was usually around Leiter it wouldn’t surprise me to find out it was in one of those scenes…


That makes sense. I wish there was an easy, obvious answer, but sixty years later, I may be out of luck. :grinning:

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The more important question is: Why is there some strange woman doll at the left of that unknown guy? What has she to do with espionage? Is that some kind of disguise for Connery Bond?


It’s a figurehead for a boat.


Hah! Good question! Pinder’s other other assistant. She’s still there, even after Paula’s dead and they traded out the unknown guy for Bari Jonson.

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