Pluto TV 007 - a 24/7 streaming channel dedicated to James Bond



From what I’ve heard, only 18 of the 24 films currently in existence (presumably due to other broadcast/streaming rights arrangements on the remaining 7 films) will be on this channel.

Which seven films do you think will be left out?

The most recent? I don’t know but it strikes me as reasonable these would be the ones most in demand and therefore most likely to be in some kind of ‘exclusive’ package.

My guess would be some combination of the Craig and Brosnan films.

The seven most recent films–that would be (IIRC) TWINE to Spectre–would indeed be the most logical choices to exclude from this channel, so I would have to agree with Dustin and theSpectre.

However, where 007 is concerned, anything is possible.

Turns out the 18 being shown are DN through LTK, plus two wild cards: NSNA and CR ('54)(!).

Odd, but anyway…

TCM is also spotlighting the Bond series, in September.

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Never Say Never Again makes sense, and I’m glad they include that, as it’s reasonably faithful to the source material and stars Sean Connery. (For those reasons, I’ve always included it as part of the “official” series–a step-child perhaps, but still one of the family.)

However, Casino Royale (1954) is indeed surprising although still somewhat understandable.

Including Casino Royale (1967), on the other hand, would be even more shocking, as EON has no logical reason to purposely link themselves to that mess.

I’m surprised by the inclusion of NSNA, as most Bond film purists I know (such as myself) don’t even touch the non-EON, non-Danjaq material such as NSNA, CR54 and CR67.

CR '54 is a nice addition, especially as there are so many (myself included who have never seen it). NSNA is an odd addition, but not entirely unexpected.

Streamed a major chunk of Live and Let Die on Pluto last night. Be prepared for about 45 minutes of commercials per movie. LALD showed a runtime of 165 minutes.

Oh my…frankly, I cannot watch any film with commercials any more. This is lifetime and life is simply too valuable to spend it in front of such.

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I’m the same way. I can have something on TV while I do other things, which was what I was doing last night during LALD. I don’t really watch any standard broadcast television anymore due to my aversion to commercials.

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What’s particularly annoying with Pluto is that the ads seem to show up based on some fixed timetable, or algorithm or something, utterly irrespective of what’s happening on screen. They don’t come at logical junctions between scenes, but instead could arrive in the middle of a sentence of dialog, or in an action scene between a punch being thrown and the fist landing on a jaw. The point being, I don’t detect a human hand at the wheel. And when the ads do appear, it’s in an eyeblink, no pause or fadeout, so it’s like they’ve been spliced into the program.

I haven’t spent much time on their Bond showings, but I did try to watch Dr Who. Gave up pretty quickly.

All in all, youre probably better off with TCM’s Thursday night marathons.

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