Ray Donovan (2013-2019) has been cancelled


Anyone else watch Ray Donovan? It’s one my the top 3 shows as there are so many good ones. Ray is a lot like Bond. He wears cool clothes, drives a great car…he likes his booze and the ladies and kicks all kinds of ass. I’m very unhappy although I admit I haven’t seen season 7 yet per cable access. The show was like a Michael Mann movie on TV 13 times a year. Great drama, acting and some action. Any other fans in here?

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I’m gutted! It was truly a prestige show; quality writing, direction and acting. I recently finished season 7 and it’s as great as ever. A real shame it didn’t get a finale season.

Maybe amazon could pick up the tab for season 8!

Yes! I just finished the Expanse, a show that was canceled and picked up by amazon and it’s a great show! C’mon Bezos! Lets bring Ray back for a final season that wraps it all up. I just want a proper conclusion.

Is this really definitely confirmed? I´m totally depressed now…
so no send off for the fighting irish :facepunch::four_leaf_clover:? What a waste

I watched the entire 7th season of Ray Donovan yesterday. It’s great! Apparently showtime has decided to give Ray a proper send off so here’s hoping. :sunglasses:

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:champagne: :tada: :partying_face:

From RDs Twitter…

“It seems like your voices have been heard. Too soon to say how or when, but with a little luck and your ongoing support, there will be more Ray Donovan.”

Fingers crossed!