Red Sparrow (2018)

I’m looking forward to this one. I’m amused that a lot of the media coverage is about how this is basically the Black Widow origin story. I went to a Q&A with the author of the novel this was based on, Jason Matthews, and he said that the Sparrow School featured in the book and film did exist, except rather than Sparrows they were called Swallows. He had to change it for obvious reasons.

Is Red Sparrow consider a realistic spy thriller or a mix of the super spy formula and realistic spy thriller?

I like realistic spy thriller a little more these days the super hero type spy. But still a Bond fan, since that what started it all.

Really interested in seeing this, but sheesh those Russian accents are all over the place.

Agreed. I am at that age when I automatically dismiss an actor’s performance on the basis of a shaky accent. It really takes me out of the movie. However I have an open mind for this one, seeing that Lawrence is a capable actress.

I just ordered the Red Sparrow and Rhythm Section books from Amazon. Looking forward to some kick butt spy chicks this weekend.

Also looking forward to the books :yum:

From what I’ve heard, the book is more of a realistic thriller. I would presume the movie will follow suit. I’m debating on whether to read the book before the movie or not.

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I watched it on Saturday and I got some Atomic Blonde vibes at parts, but what stood out to me as a Bond fan was the Russian assassin who recurs throughout the film. He seemed to me to be much in the Red Grant mood, if updated for the modern day, and I’d love if they took cues from that for a henchman in a future Bond film.

How was the pacing? I read the first book, and I found the pace a bit sluggish.

The pacing was good through most of the movie, but the last 20 minutes dragged a bit. I think they improved the pacing from the book because you’re only getting Dominika’s perspective, rather than jumping back and forth between her and Nash.

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I saw this today and thoroughly enjoyed it. This is definitely a serious dark movie. Disturbingly so. The tone is closer to “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” then Bond. I would recommend it if you like darker spy thrillers.

I thought this was excellent;
It does pitch itself somewhere between the ‘in the shadows’ subterfuge of Le Carre and the open brashness of Bond;
The supporting cast is terrific and Lawrence does a very good job
My only issue was Joel Edgerton; Not sure if he was just mis-cast or mis-directed but his performance is all over the place, It’s tough to follow his rationale and decision making process at times and the way Edgerton pitches his performance is really off putting so that was frustrating for something that is otherwise a really well written and executed film.

Well it suppose to be a realistic spy thriller, so the tone could be like any realistic spy thrillers. Whether it Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Russia House, Clear and Present Danger, The Siege, Smiley’s People, The Assignment, The Hunt For Red October, The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, The Day Of The Jackal, etc…

With Salt (Jolie, 2010), Atomic Blonde (Theron, 2017), and Red Sparrow (Lawrence, 2018), will this put to bed the Female-James-Bond dreamers? One hopes.

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They’re too distracted moving into female Mission Impossible now…

Just finished the second book of the Red Sparrow series, Palace of Treason. Much better than Red Sparrow, I felt a great deal more tension when reading this book over Red Sparrow. I also think that I’m getting used to Jason Matthew’s use (overuse) of exposition because I was able to get through this much quicker than the first book. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but I hope it did well enough to warrant a sequel because Palace of Treason would be great on the screen.

I don’t really care for the female super spy, those like Mission Impossible, The Man From UNCLE, Black Widow and James Bond. I’ll wait for when they go the route of realistic spy thriller. Where they have female version of George Smiley, Alec Leamas or Jack Ryan.

Finally watched my 4K copy of Red Sparrow this week-end (the 4K format made even the gray, snowy Russian exterior shots pop!). Overall, not bad. The time line the film takes place is more compressed over the boo, but it’s understandable in order to fit the two and a half hour running time. I did like the ending, which was different from the book, and was a bit more satisfying. I’m also nearly finished with the third book of the series, the Kremlin Candidate. I think this is the weakest of the three with some of the plot being lifted from the second book.