RIP - Paying Respects to those we've Lost

Thought I’d create this because I saw earlier today that John Heard had passed away. Figured it might make sense to just have one thread for this on these new forums rather than creating a new thread each time we have an unfortunate passing to discuss and work through.

Was sad to see this news this morning. Was a big fan of HOME ALONE as a kid (still am, actually) and I also loved his not-so-subtle send-up of Dan Quayle in MY FELLOW AMERICANS. Both of those, of course, are just small drops in the bucket of an extremely prolific career, as I was surprised to see just how many projects he’d been involved with when I looked over his IMDb page earlier, which includes several that still have yet to be released.

RIP John Heard.

Good thinking there, dalton.

Sad news, another face we thought just belongs to our times gone now. Indeed, an impressive career came to a close.


Indeed. It seems to be happening at far too great a frequency now, which is a shame. Unfortunately it’s just going to pick up as the years go by, a sign of getting older, of course. Looking back at it, Dan Aykroyd is the only one of the major players in MY FELLOW AMERICANS (one of my all-time favorite comedies) that’s still alive. Jack Lemmon, James Garner, John Heard, Lauren Bacall, and James Rebhorn have all passed away.

John Heard was all over the place in acting. I would put him right up there with the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” lore. One very hard working actor. R.I.P.

For me he was THE comedian.


Indeed sad news on dear Jerry. Had the very great pleasure of seeing him in Vegas a few times and in NYC in “Damn Yankees”. Great movies left for us all.

Brian Aldiss, science fiction writer. He died several hours after celebrating his 92nd birthday. Kingsley Amis was a great friend and fan of his.

RIP seems apt. Maybe SPLAT would be even more fitting. Hooper was a filmmaker who was either loved or avoided by audiences, for obvious reasons. But one thing cannot be denied, he influenced Hollywood far beyond the genre frontiers.


Sir Peter Hall, 86, legendary British theater director.

“Hall founded the Royal Shakespeare Company (1960–68) and went on to build an international reputation in theatre, opera, film and television. He was director of the National Theatre (1973–88) and artistic director of Glyndebourne Festival Opera (1984–1990).”

He also somehow got hooked into directing the 1995 Antonio Banderas & Rebecca De Mornay. flick “Never Talk to Strangers”.

His daughter Rebecca Hall is an actress (Iron Man 3).

Bernie Casey has died aged 78. He played Felix Leiter in Never Say Never Again.

Sorry to hear it. RIP

Was sad to hear that this morning. RIP Bernie.

Certainly a man with a Bond connection. RIP, Hef.

Indeed, there goes an era. RIP

A fine man indeed. Met him once.

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Just for those who did not see it: the annual “In Memoriam”-montage at this year’s Oscars featured Sir Roger with a snippet of him saying “Bond, James Bond.”

At least they did that.


Anderson claims he declined the opportunity to direct Bond. I believe him.

I do not remember how many times he turned Broccoli & co. down, if more than once. I do not remember for which film(s) but I vaguely recall it may have happened during the Roger Moore era.

Anderson’s forthcoming autobiography may clear this up.

His son David C. Anderson - who died in 2013 - was an assistant director on the three Terence Young-directed Bond films.

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It’s a few days late, however, former First Lady of the United States Barbara Bush. Politics aside, FLOTUS Bush was a force for literacy, which she made her signature issue while in office. She leaves a legacy of public service, with her son being the 43rd President of the United States and her other son as the Governor of Florida. RIP.