RIP Robert Dix, aka "Agent Hamilton"

Robert Dix, aka the ill-fated Agent Hamilton from LALD, has passed away.

As most folks here will know, Dix was an old chum of Roger Moore, whose mother was a huge fan of Robert’s father, Richard Dix, a fairly big star in his own right. The character “Hamilton” was named after the film’s director as an inside joke.

Details here:

Rest in peace.

This detail from The Hollywood Reporter is very interesting.

While in New Orleans doing research for a movie about Cajun customs, Dix discovered that Roger Moore, a buddy from his days at MGM, was there filming Live and Let Die (1973). After a night on the town, the 007 star put Dix to work in an uncredited role as an FBI agent who gets knifed and then placed in a casket during a Bourbon Street parade.

Did Roger mention this in his LALD diary? If so I’d forgotten the detail. Must be great to stumble upon a Bond shooting location and wind up in the film.

Here’s Dix relating the story in his own words.


I’ll be reading the diary shortly, so I’ll keep an eye out for this.

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Yes, he mentions him twice. We have this too: