Sebastian Faulks


Devil may care by Sebastian Faulks,for me hands down best continuation novel,almost more Fleming than Fleming.
Wished since it came out,that would be a film


Nice to read somebody being positive about the book, while it is not my favorite of the celebrity trilogy it is a fairly decent book and it reminded me of The David Niven spy movie about his Doctor Lovejoy. And as always it is easier to criticize somebody or something than looking for the good bits.

Ian Fleming is dead and we get at least new books and some are better than others. This one was enjoyable.


There was a rumor for a while that Devil May Care and/or Carte Blanche was going to be originally what Skyfall became. I would like to see more of the books get adapted instead of original screenplays as they have been more miss than hit right now. As I’ve said before and I’ll keep fighting for it, Bond does not have to always be solo. Other characters could work well in the spotlight (M in Skyfall). Bond always has allies, we should see their support and side of things. This can give the series new life in different ways. These two books could be a great place to start.