Secret Cinema presents Casino Royale

Anyone ever been to one of these before?


Not been, but my house-mate went to the Bladerunner one that was on recently. He kindly got me tickets to this one though, can’t wait!


Still not sure if I fancy it or not!

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Very enthusiastic video, and certainly it encouraged me to consider it.

But, I actually like Not to participate in the something when people have put together the ‘Experience’ as they see how it should be played out.

That said, i have a friend who went to the Moulin Rouge experience and she loved it…!

Is anyone from here going?

Anyone been yet?

Some spoiler photos here…

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I just received the following email from Ticketmaster…

Extended due to phenomenal demand – must end October 2019

We’re delighted to offer an exclusive 50% off tickets* for the final two weeks of Secret Cinema Presents Casino Royale.

Join the ranks of MI6 and unravel the dark underworld of the most infamous criminal organisations as you travel across the globe in one evening.

Choose a date 26 Sept – 6 Oct and enter discount code “CR19PARTNER” to claim your special discount.* Hurry – only while tickets last!

Until 6 Oct 2019
Secret London Venue


So, I went to this last night. Schlepped all the way across London to Dagenham East for the pleasure.

On arrival you have the opportunity to buy small glasse of prosecco for £6.50 a pop. What did I expect? My girlfriend and friends bought a few glasses and queued up to have our photo taken in the ‘gunbarrel’ stand they had set up. This was cool- I got some great pics and it all looks very authentic.

Then it was time to meet my contact and get my mission ‘briefing’. I won’t go into detail here since I don’t want to spoil anything so after that we went inside the “Casino Royale”. The sets were hugely impressive, Miami Aiport, Venice, Madagascar, poker tables etc. Bought a vodka martini and strutted about a bit.

To cut a long story short, we were then quickly ushered into the film screening. They had actors walk along the stage below the cinema screen every now and then, who ‘enhanced’ bits of the film.

Overall I would give it a 6/10. I loved dressing up and seeing everyone in suits and lovely dresses but what it boiled down to in the end was paying £70 to watch a film I’d already seen 15 times in a car park in bleddy Dagenham. 1500 people squeezed into the warehouse for the main event was too many in my opinion- 700 maximum would have better.

Still, something a bit different than just going to the pictures.


Event cinema. :clinking_glasses:

Thanks for ‘debriefing’ your mission with us, @PPK_30!

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Coming to Shanghai this November

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CR is this week’s Secret Sofa watchalong on Friday night. Basically, the Secret Cinema team are running a Facebook group for watchalong screenings, encouraging audience participation. More info:[UNIQID]&u=ed73b891086ee308f60347155&id=75d9393f7a