Skyfall at drive-in cinemas in Scotland

Not sure if this will be of interest to anyone, but Skyfall is to be screened at drive-in cinemas in Scotland and the north east of England over July and August.

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But how will the sound compare to that experienced in the cinemas?

I am clearly not talking about the snap crackle and pop of crisp packets and soda slurping, but that of the Dolby this that and the other sound. At drive ins, doesn’t one get assigned a little squawk box that is placed on the dashboard?

Don’t you have to tune your car radio into a frequency, and hear it through the speakers in the car?

Ah - hadn’t heard of that one.

Still not quite the same experience. And if you turn up with a $50 special, it won’t be anything like the same experience.

You can always take a portable stereo with you

Yes, it’s done that way now. In Germany, application for those frequencies have skyrocketet. Before Corona, there were maybe 20 all over Germany, now they’re popping up everwhere like mushrooms.

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I think the trouble with North Europe is, we don’t really have the climate for open air cinemas drive ons, like they do in the states.

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Seems really appropriate to view Skyfall at a drive-in.

I’m imagining the DB5 pulling up in front of the lodge.

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I remember there was a drive in screening of TND at the paddock wood hop farm on Kent, for charity back on 1998