Something Evil Comes This Way - Trailer #1 Out Now!

Need your Bond fix and disappointed that NTTD has been postponed? Hope this will give you something fun to listen to!!

Teaser Trailer


James Bond is gravely injured.

Unarmed and wounded Bond takes refuge in a derelict one room apartment in Istanbul. On his trail, a group led by the world’s must cutthroat assassin, Enrico Scolari. They have one job: Kill Bond!

As Bond hovers on the brink of consciousness and life, Bond must not only save his own life, but that of an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire. As the clock ticks and the dragnet closes, can Bond overcome the odds?

The sequel to 2007/2008’s Casino Royale audio drama!

JAMES BOND - David Wigram
VIV - Soham T. Saiyed
ENRICO SCOLARI - Joseph Trefney
ADOLF GETTLER - Jason Rockwell
MAN 1 & INTEL LEAD - Charlie Smith McMahon
OFFICER - Andrew Rafferty

Trailer #1 out now! Official release date has been set for December 18, 2020

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Trailer #2

Trailer # 2 out now!

The show will be release tomorrow evening at 8 PM. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

007: Something Evil Comes This Way in 007: Something Evil Comes This Way (2020) (

Shows out now! Hope you enjoy! :slight_smile: