Spectre 1971: A sequel to Skyfall 1969

Following up on my Skyfall 1969 adaptation from the old forum, I am beginning work on a sequel that is an adaptation of Spectre. The adaptation is a re-imagining of Diamonds Are Forever, including elements from the 1971 film, Spectre, as well as the Ian Fleming novels DAF and YOLT. I hope to have it ready in the next few months. However, to wet your appetites:

Spectre (1969): Having survived his encounter with the treacherous Silva, a mysterious clue sends Bond on a global adventure to bring down SPECTRE and avenge his wife once and for all.

Exciting! Looking forward to it!


Locations: San Francisco, London, Mexico City, South Africa, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Paris

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Would you be interested in assisting coco?

Sure! I wouldn’t mind being a sounding board again.

Do you know how to send a DM on the new forums?

I don’t. I’ve been trying to figure that out since I joined.

Acts I and II are nearly complete. Act III is soon to follow.

The script is complete, just in need of some editing. It will be uploaded soon.

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Act I is uploaded, pending approval.

Acts II and III are uploaded. Enjoy the finale. I’d love to hear any comments that you all have after reading.

Wondering if anyone has any comments/criticisms of the story. I’m interested to hear some feedback.

Overall I liked it. It managed to be BETTER than the original one; my only quibble is that Tiffany/Bond is a little rushed.