‘Spectre’ Assistant Director Injured During Filming Sues for $3.5 Million

[Madden has worked on every Bond film since For Your Eyes Only.]

Terry Madden, 66, was second unit assistant director on “Spectre” working for B24 and EON Productions. During filming of an action sequence in Austria in 2015, Madden’s legs were crushed after a vehicle spun out of control and left him pinned against a camera rostrum. He had to be airlifted to a hospital.

Madden, whose extensive credits include “V for Vendetta,” and “World War Z,” has undergone a series of operations since. EON Productions’ insurers have accepted liability, but Madden, who has worked on numerous Bond films, says he has not received any money from the insurers. He is suing to cover his medical costs and lost earnings, Madden’s legal representatives said.

“I felt privileged and proud to work and be part of an active, exciting, but hard-working industry, at times sacrificing family life,” he said in comments reported in Britain’s Daily Telegraph.

“Then to have a career – a career you worked hard over many years to build up – taken away within a few seconds in this horrendous accident has been soul-destroying. It has limited my mobility greatly and I am unable to do things I once took for granted.”

Unfortunate, but are we being invited to comment? Not sure that’s appropriate.

I’ll comment!

What happened to him sounds bloody awful! He deserves a big payout and the shareholders raking in the massive ticket sales can certainly afford it.

It’s not about what’s due legally, it’s about loyalty - they hope for it from fans and expect it from employees. Perhaps the fans aren’t entitled to anything in return, but employees deserve a fair share of what they help to create. One day that will hopefully mean profit shares for all of them, but in the meantime a billion dollar franchise should at least reward a man royally and well above the legal minimum for his service when it’s crippled him.

He’s been a part of the team for almost 40 years and how they treat him says a lot about the Bond franchise.

Tbh if he’s dealt a hand that’s anything but generous it will definitely deminish the esteem with which I currently I hold this franchise.

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It’s the insurance company he’s suing. Not EON.

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Also, the article is from March, I remember this story happening, why is it being given a dedicated thread now?

Sub judice is not a type of sandwich.

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You made me spit out coffee laughing at that

If the insurance company are trying to avoid payment then I’d like to hear Eon take his side - even shell out.

Like I said they can afford it and it needn’t set a president. I know it’s not how it’s done, but how it’s done doesn’t often apply to someone whose worked on your films for 40 years.

If the shareholders have admitted culpability then the very least they could do is to cover the man’s legal costs in sueing the insurance company

Because I only came across it. It’s definitely news. Unfortunately we don’t have a “Quick News Submission” forum like the old fora. Vauxhall posted news of the original injury there but not the developments.

The Dove also posted news of the original injury in the Spectre “Austria Filming” thread, which resulted in much discussion.

By all means, lock this thread, put it out of its misery.