SPECTRE: The Board Game from Modiphius Entertainment

I just realized: Christoph Waltz is the only living Blofeld.

The Blofeld Nationality Sequence: English–Greek-American–English–English (body)/Italian (voice)–Swedish–Austrian


And i think is tied with Donald Pleasence for being the oldest actor in the role with his second appearance making him the oldest.


Sorry, but you forgot the most iconic Blofeld–the one in From Russia With Love and Thunderball–voiced by Eric Pohlmann. “Let his death be a particularly unpleasant and humiliating one.”

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Revised with new information:

The Blofeld Nationality Sequence: Austrian–English–Greek-American–English–English (body)/Italian (voice)–Swedish–Austrian

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Purely because it took me ages to get a gif for them (Charles Gray was only slightly easier). My omission was why it’s that Blofeld 3 posts above yours (I originally was going to the piranha tank, but decided it was a better opportunity to give an appearance to the Blofeld I missed)

What file extensions the board will accept makes it oddly difficult at times to keep my, apparently famous

Gif replies, and I am very aware…


To make use of the Gif I was going to use until I found a gif of the original Blofeld that would work


To be precise, it should be Austrian–English–Greek-American–English–English (body)/Italian (voice)–Swedish–German-Austrian

Waltz was born in Austria, but with a German citizenship (because of his father). He grew up im Vienna and considers himself Austrian but he only got an additional Austrian citizenship in 2010.


His father would womanize, he would drink, he would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark.

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Kristatos is an odd choice for the game I would have chosen Fiona Volpe. Maybe replace Silva with Dr. No and keep it entirely in the 1960s. Really curious to read a review of the game.

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Available for Pre-Order

UK: SPECTRE: The Board Game

US: SPECTRE: The Board Game

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On the subject of games, I found a new 1000 piece James Bond jigsaw puzzle scheduled for release this September. Might be worth picking up.


When this game final hit shelves I held back on getting it until I read some reviews. Reviews when they did come were mixed, at least the ones I read. Also the $60.00 price point was hard to take.

I decided to wait until it was on sale.

Target put it on sale a couple of times but never low enough for me to pull the trigger.

My patience and frugalness has paid off. There’s a chain store called ‘Dirt Cheap’ that is a close out store. They take overstock, returns, open box, damaged boxes, clearance items, etc. from other retailer and offer big discounts.

Quite frankly a lot of what they have is junk and the store look like a dumpster but you can occasionally find good stuff if you’re willing to dig around.

Well I scored the game tonight at one of their stores. The box was unsealed but I checked and it had all the pieces. The price tag was $10.00 but 'Dirt Cheap" applies another discount on top so I actually got it for $6.00.

If the game sucks I’m only out six bucks and I can just keep it as part of my Bond collection. If the game is good I got a great deal.