Ted Bell's Alexander Hawke Series (Paramount)


Looking though Amazon and came across the Ted Bell series of books featuring his super spy, Lord Alexander Hawke. Also came across an article dated October of '16 about a film based on this series (details here: http://deadline.com/2016/10/alex-hawke-novels-paramount-pictures-mi6-movie-series-ted-bell-kurt-wimmer-lorenzo-dibonaventura-1201842319/).

Anyone have any experience with this series? Worth a read?


I have not read them but I read a lot of that type of book and this series is always very highly recommended within that “community.”

2 other thrillers I can recommend to read right now is “The Terminal List” by Jack Carr (a former SEAL) and “Warning Light” by David Ricciardi.

Also, see here…


I have read the first five Hawke novels and I love them. Bell is now one of my favorite authors. Very highly recommended.


I read one on the Hawke series, SPY (#4), and didn’t care for it. Obviously everyone’s taste is different. I found it long without enough substance to support it, simplistic, and outlandish without actually being fun. It would seem the Clive Cussler Dirk Pitt books are a partial template in terms of over the top action and evil plots, but I found it to be inferior to that series, which I find to be B-grade to begin with. Maybe I was in a bad mood when I read it… :thinking:

That said, I’m glad you enjoyed them, Tiin007. Perhaps I should try another one. Which would you suggest?

I’m personally much more excited to see Daniel Silva’s books about Mossad agent Gabriel Allon be adapted, though I wish it was for a film series and not television.


SPY was actually my least favorite of the whole bunch.

In terms of which I would recommend, it’s a tough call. Of the five that I’ve read (the first five), TSAR was definitely my favorite. But I also think TSAR may only really be appreciated having read the others.

I think starting at the beginning (with HAWKE) is probably your best bet, although that first novel is the most pedestrian in terms of writing style.


That’s reassuring then.

I think having read SPY, I’m on board with the concept of the character and his co-horts to pick another up out of sequence and not be lost. I’ll look for TSAR (maybe as an ebook) and give it a try.

Thanks for the recommendation!


Thanks y’all for the great recommendations!!!


A head’s up that the new Ted Bell book “Overkill” is out today. The cover even mentions Ian Fleming :wink:



Working my way through HAWKE right now, and my question is does the writing get better? It seems a bit disjointed at this point in the series.


Yes, the writing certainly gets better. As I mentioned above, “Hawke” has the most unrefined writing of the series.

I think Ted Bell had actually submitted “Hawke” as part of a competition to get published. He won the competition and his writing career took off from there.


Good to hear! Once I finish Hawke I’ll give Tsar a try.


Ted Bell is on record describing Overkill as his “Goldfinger”.