The 007 Theme Lives On in Anime

Thought you may enjoy this soundtrack piece from the anime classic Neon Genesis Evangelion which seems to be influenced (quite heavily) by John Barry’s 007 Theme


Never heard that one, thanks for sharing!

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Have been watching it on Netflix, very interesting series and this piece of music always raised my John Barry radars attention

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can confirm the composer names “007 Takes The Lektor” as one of his favourite tracks and he did this one in honour of it

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I’ll give this a try one of these days. Work permitting…

Its definitely an acquired taste and what starts out as a more traditional action show, turns into something else entirely by the end - very psychologically driven and the heroes are definitely not heroes in a traditional sense - theyre all quite weak people who have been let down by those closest to them - but they internalise it with self doubt and etc… rather than seeking revenge on the world that wronged them