The Americans (FX/Amazon Prime)

The former US FX network series, The Americans, is now streaming on Amazon and is free with Prime membership. For those who have not heard of it, the six-season long (2013-2018) series follows two deep-cover KGB agents, posing as husband and wife, as they navigate both their duties as spies/assassins and the ups and downs of the parents of two very American children in the early 1980s (the series starts just after the inauguration of President Reagan in January of '81). Add the complication of having a FBI counter-intelligence agent as a neighbor and you have a great series. I’m halfway through the first season and I have learned two things: 1) Kerri Russell (the mom) looks amazing in her mid-forties, and 2) she is stone-cold deadly as she’s assassinated and/or beaten at least 10 people so far. Anyone catch this series when it was first aired?


Yes, i watched the first 5 seasons on the various ITV television channels over here in blighty, missed the last season as it was not advertised very well and by the time i found out about it, it was on episode 4,but im sure it will be shown again

A fantastic series. Absolutely loved it.