The Art of Dick Bobnick

Not sure if anybody has seen/heard/purchased any of Dick Bobnick’s works, but he has done a particularly stunning collection of pieces focusing on Connery’s Bond films. I’ve never heard of him prior to some deep Dr. No image googling.

But, needless to say, I’m highly interested and figured I’d share with the group my findings. Seems affordable, too! I’m thinking of getting the series to help fill some wall space.

Fine Art America Shop Here.


It’s weird to see this as I know Dick (I went to school with his son, Mark).

One “behind the scenes” thing I can tell you about his Bond work - they are square shaped because they were originally made to be printed on, and sold as, plates.

I will show him this thread the next time I see him :slight_smile:


How bizarre!

I suppose, one man’s plate is another man’s picasso.

Nonetheless, I have them still sitting in a checkout cart… Contemplating. :stuck_out_tongue: