The Boy and the Bridge (1959)

Reading about this film in The Battle For Bond’; aside from his production and second unit work, it seems to be Kevin McClory’s most notable creative endeavour outside of his contributions to Thunderball and various attempts (one realised) to remake Thunderball thereafter:

Seems that it had some festival hype early on but then disappeared fairly quietly, and as far as I can tell was never released on VHS or DVD but is now available to rent (at least in the UK) from the BFI website. Has anyone ever seen it?

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I’ve never heard of it, it sounds like the sort of movie you would catch on THE TALKING PICTURES channel here in the British isles

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SafariSuit, long time no see… :cocktail:

Read about it in Lycett’s Fleming bio. Apparently, the critics loved it and it was even expected to win one or the other award. Thing was that the audience didn’t, especially in America. As a result of this, the McClory name attached to the TB script in the making didn’t exactly help to sell the movie rights in Hollywood, which lead to the project getting stopped. Fleming didn’t want the material to go wasted and recycled it in the TB novel, which lead to… you know the rest.


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Battle for Bond suggests that Fleming himself and the festival circuit received the film well, but even the first round of reviews from UK critics were a little tepid, and that it went downhill from there. McClory reportedly didn’t even pay much attention to its Box Office, which gave his business partners significant pause about his general financial acumen.