The Connery Fights - Positively Shocking

  • Bond vs taxi driver (DN)
  • Bond vs Dr No (DN)
  • Bond vs Red Grant train (FRWL)
  • Bond vs Rosa Klebb (FRWL)
  • Bond vs Odd Job Fort Knox (GF)
  • Bond vs Goldfinger (GF)
  • Bond vs Jacques Bouvar/widow (TB)
  • Bond vs Largo (TB)
  • Bond vs Sumo wrestler (YOLT)
  • Bond vs Hans (YOLT)
  • Bond vs Franks (DAF)
  • Bond vs Bambi & Thumper (DAF)
  • Bond vs nameless killer at Shrublands (NSNA)

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Bond vs. Grant (FRWL) for me

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In the absence of DAF

It’s not absent, you’ve got to scroll that poll window.

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I am remaining faithful to DAF–Bond vs. Franks for all the reasons–cinematic and meta–I mentioned previously.


Bond vs Grant in FRWL. The ultimate fightscene for me.

Bond vs Grant is the best, for me, but I do enjoy the Franks fight from DAF, and the Bouvar fight in Thunderball.

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The fight in Osato’s office is stunning work and got my vote.

Bond vs. Oddjob is underrated. A gruelling, measured, pro wrestling style bout, with great ticking clock suspense as the backdrop. Cutting away briefly to the battle upstairs is a subtle elliptical touch that makes it feel twice as long as it is.

Bond vs Grant can’t help but feel overrated at this point, but it’s probably a knockout compared to other stuff at the time. If we’re choosing a frenetic Young fight scene, I’ll choose the Disco Volante scene any time.

Everything in Dr No is feeble and miserable.

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I was watching NSNA the other day and noted how Connery threw the weights at the much larger Lippe, reminiscent of Bond throwing the gold bar at Oddjob in GF. I’m happy to consider NSNA canon and an ending to the Conneryverse, so it’s cool for me to see the same guy operating in a similar way at different points in his life.


Yeah, I consider Never Say Never Again “canon”. It was legally made, it was faithful to the source material, and, most importantly, it stars Sean Connery. (And it helps that it is a good, although not great, film.) It also gives us an idea of what a non-EON Bond film would be like without all the usual Bond motifs, i.e. gun barrel, James Bond Theme, etc. And there is a big difference between the rogue 007 and the series 007. I don’t mind having NSNA, but I probably wouldn’t want another non-EON Bond film.

Quick reminder: polls are closing soon.

And here the result: 10 votes made Bond vs Grant the winner; 4 votes go to Bond vs the sumo wrestler.


Going with this line of thought:

Sir Miles retired or died, and the same goes for Boothroyd. Moneypenny remained on board.

The older Bond didn’t change his lifestyle, so he returns to Shrublands, even if it’s for show. I think that plot similarity is a positive rather than a negative. I like the symmetry. It feels full circle.

Bond is training agents and bored. He’s nearing the end of his career. But he has one mission left.

Blofeld survived his bathosub ordeal, and 12 years later he returns to try and successfully orchestrate one of his earlier attempts at world domination: ransom with nuclear weapons.

The Flying Saucer name allows a point of difference/suspension of disbelief to the Disco Volante. Same goes with Maximilian Largo. The motorcycle chase, Domination video game and Ethiopa finale allow points of difference to the 1965 film, which is rather difficult on the whole considering the requirements of adhering to the core elements of the novel.

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